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Here are my favorite things to do before and during a yard sale to boost sales. My best yard sale display hacks + Creative ways to set up your space.

How to keep ladybugs out of your home + Reasons they invade your house. Avoid a ladybug infestation (aka Asian lady beetles and ladybirds) with these tips.

I made a PVC pipe curtain rod to hold long, sheer porch curtains for $15. I got supplies at Lowes. Measured, cut, installed the outdoor curtain rods in 1 hr

We have a small front porch, but it gets a good breeze and provides a nice place for the baby and dogs to play outside. Outdoor living spaces are important to me. Our front porch is the first place I decided to tackle with a makeover! See how I turned our small boring porch into a cabana-like space with porch curtains and more.

Window fogging in our house was driving me crazy - til I found the humidity levels in our home were too high. Here's the best window condensation fix: a dehumidifier & some Damp Rid!

See why shower curtains blow in & stick to you while showering... scientifically speaking. Plus how to stop a shower curtain from blowing in once & for all!

I've used an Oreck for 13 years. Researched Dyson vacuums for 3 years. Bought a Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum for 1/4th the price & 10 times the quality!

There's a home burglary every 15 seconds. 60% of burglaries take place while the home is occupied. Here are the best DIY home security things you can do yourself to stay safe.

The following items pose a hazard to the environment and human well-being and, therefore, must be recycled in other ways. Usually, this means taking the item to a Household Hazardous Waste collection center in your community. Extra precautions should be taken when disposing of these items.