Got A Ladybug Infestation? Here’s What To Do If Ladybugs Are Invading Your Home

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If you’re trying to find ways to deal with a ladybug infestation inside your house (like I’ve done each of the past 6 or so years), then you’ve come to the right place!

here is how to get rid of a ladybug infestation in your home

Ladybug infestations typically consist of the orange and black variety of ladybugs (Asian lady beetles), rather than the bright red ones with black spots. In the UK, they call them Ladybirds.

The following tips apply to any type of ladybug that may be invading your living space.

A newly imported species, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, likes to spend winters at lower elevations and our houses happen to be very handy. If they gain entry they can be a pest all winter. They do no direct harm but some believe they contribute to indoor allergies and they can be very messy.  Source

See why ladybugs (especially Asian lady beetles) invade your home in the first place, and what you can do to prevent or control a ladybug infestation inside your house each fall…


Why Are There So Many Ladybugs In My House?

if you have a ladybug infestations here are steps you can take to eliminate them

Asian lady beetles like to hibernate each winter inside a nice warm house. That’s why most ladybug infestations occur during the fall months.

As it turns out, the ladybugs are attracted to light colors, including the color white.

They’re also attracted to warm, south-facing rooms. So, chances are each fall ladybugs will find their way to the light-colored walls on the south side of your home.

this is what your screen might look like if you have a ladybug infestation

The ladybugs come in through small cracks around windows, door ways and under clap boards. They want to hibernate in a warm, comfortable spot over the cold months of winter. Ladybugs gather in groups when they hibernate, so if you see one, you can be sure more will follow. The best way to keep them out is to repair damaged clap boards, window and door trim and to caulk small cracks. Source

In my case, the back side of our home has light gray vinyl siding. Furthermore, the window frames, doors, and door frames in my home are indeed white. Each fall we find hundreds of ladybugs flocking together inside our house.

Usually, the ladybug infestation begins in our kitchen (where the walls are a pale light yellow) and dining room (with light sage green walls). Both rooms are on the south side of our house. Mostly, the ladybugs hang out in the corners of our ceilings, along the windowsills, and around the door frames.

Can Ladybugs Hurt Anything In My House?

While ladybugs are adorable and even thought of as good luck charms, their winter migration is usually so massive that their cuteness quickly fades once homeowners realize that their homes have been invaded by them.

The good news is the ladybugs don’t eat anything or lay eggs inside your home.

Once they find their way out, they’re gone for good. Typically, that’s springtime. Of course, several will simply die inside your home while waiting for spring. Other than leaving their unsightly carcasses behind, they’re harmless.

Ladybugs don’t eat fabric, plants, paper or any other household items. They like to eat Aphids. Aphids are very small, but very destructive pests that feed on plants. Ladybugs, while trying to hibernate in your house, live off of their own body fats. They, also, prefer a little humidity. But our homes are usually not very humid during the winter. In fact, they are rather dry causing most of your ladybug guests to die from dehydration.  Source


How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs

Simply vacuum up any ladybugs you find around the house (either dead or alive). Then, empty your vacuum cleaner bag. If live ladybugs are left to decay inside your vacuum, it will start to smell.

Or, to prevent the ladybugs from going into your vacuum bag altogether. Here’s how:

  • Simply insert the leg of a pair of pantyhose (about 8 inches, starting from the toe) into the hose of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Secure in place with a rubber band.
  • The best place to put this is between 2 sections of hose.
  • Then, vacuum up the ladybugs. (They’ll all be contained within the pantyhose.)
  • Finally, tie off the pantyhose with rubber bands and discard.

Disturbing them will only cause them to stress out leaving yellow markings on your walls. The yellow stuff, you see, is not waste matter, but rather, their blood. Ladybugs release a small amount of their blood which is yellow and smells, when they sense danger. Some people have said that it does stain on light colored surfaces. Source

The end result of a ladybug infestation in the fall is lots of dead ladybugs

As an alternative to the vacuum method, here are some eco-friendly and ladybug-friendly methods of controlling a ladybug infestation, including making a quick & easy ladybug condo for the winter months.

Home remedies that others have used to get rid of ladybugs inside their home:

  • Use flea bombs
  • Spray some mint oil
  • Hang dark-colored drapes or curtains
  • Line the perimeter of your house with food grade Diatomaceous Earth
  • Spray vinegar in places where ladybugs hang out
  • Place Vicks menthol inside a humidifier
  • Spray with fast-acting synthetic pyrethroids


Reasons To Appreciate Ladybugs

As it turns, out ladybugs are very helpful insects.

They feed on aphids (or scale insects) — which are insects that can do measurable damage to your foliage and garden.

Aphids thrive on the new spring growth of young trees. When they infest a tree, the leaves will shrivel and curl placing the tree at risk. Aphids are like candy for ladybugs. So without the use of chemicals, they will munch away and clear out an infestation very nicely.

While on their search for edible and destructive bugs, the ladybugs not harm your plants or pets or animals they come in contact with. All in all, this cements the fact that ladybugs are good bugs.


Videos Of Ladybug Infestations

Here are a few more videos showing just how invasive a ladybug infestation can really be…


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16 thoughts on “Got A Ladybug Infestation? Here’s What To Do If Ladybugs Are Invading Your Home”

  1. actually they weren’t even effective at eating aphids! some scientist’s bright idea proved unsuccessful. Now there is this mega proliferation…they have no real predators…even chickens don’t really like them…and they have crowded out the native species of lady bug. i also always thought they smelled like rotten lettuce. The walls in our old house are crawling with them. At night they all go to the light you have turned on. You vacuum hundreds up and 10 min later they have been replaced…super unpleasant. if you open your window (w no screen) in the spring they will eventually find their way out. hopefully some native species takes a liking to them.

  2. Not all ladybird beetles are non-native. I looked very closely at mine (with insect ID book in hand) and many of the ones in our house are native. I like to HUMANELY collect them and release them outdoors, where they can overwinter naturally under leaf litter and such. Much better then slowly killing them. If you have an infestation in your house you obviously have some leaks, which can be patched up before fall (much more energy efficient, too).

  3. bug_lover question – will the ladybugs find their way out on their own? I work in an office building thats been infested with the asian lady bugs (as well as stink bugs), and I always take the time to bring them out in the spring. just wondering if this was a waste of time (given that my goal is to help them out!)

    • doug207 – in my experience, the ladybugs do not typically find their way out on their own. I can’t tell you how many dried up ladybugs I’ve had to sweep up after finding them in hidden corners and on window ledges in rooms that we don’t use.

      • Lol well I escorted mine out yesterday, sorry im helping proliferate this pest bur they’re not too bad and I bonded with him all yesterday morning as he walked across my computer screen, I just felt like I had to give him a chance

    • ugh i get stink bugs too not infestation but right now am dealing with moderate ladybug infestation that started as soon as well appartment i live in is state housing air condtioners were removed yesterday and its been rather warm yesterday and today they are all seem come from my bedroom i killed like 50 of them in 2 hrs still keep coming back i am not exactly afraid of them but i dont want things crawling on me when i am sleeping like whenever half asleep or groggy wake up to use the bathroom if i see something feel on me im gonna scream freak out scare my neighbors not good because im gonna all groggy think its a spider which scare the living daylights out of me. i have to be careful what i use any alteratiions i make at my place because property owned by housing authority its state property. my windows need replacing well like 3 or 4 of them and the one window i can only have open in my 80 degree room right now mind u this is massachusetts im in top floor. with just a box fan no less. the screen on window does have some ladybugs on outside and all kinds of grime and kind of warped i understand i gotta wait for funding come through with new windows but they need to like caulk areas on my windows and at least get me new screens or at least that one to help try keep some of them out last year i only had a few of them. yesterday and now today i have seen like 60 of them i still got some live ones what freaks me out is that though harmless could bite and im confused are cockroaches part of family of ladybugs? jw. i am allergic to cockroaches apparently, i have not got bitten yet is ladybug bite real painful because my pain tolerance level is really really low. i been having the get on my bed had one on my pant leg i had flick off while stting on my bed then had something crawling on my arm few mins later i think was a ladybug.but i gotta wait for maintenance team where i live to come in take a look and maybe seal up cracks. whats this pyrethrin not sure on spelling saw it mentioned somewhere. since so many rules on what can be used by residents in or around appartment is it harmful to wall surfaces windows? not sure if you know this is for anyone on page who sees my comment if any suggestions answers. thank you.

  4. I know this article is older, but these things are driving me crazy, especially when I am watching a movie late at night with the lights off, and all of sudden I have a couple crawling around my TV screen. Ugh! They sure love the occasional one or two day warm up during the winter, as it seems to bring them out in droves. I live in an older house and I simply cannot get rid of them completely. I just do what I can with what I can, but I won’t use chemicals as I have a cat. I would rather have the ladybugs and the cat be healthy than no lady bugs and the cat get sick. These suckers bite, too!!! I love their cars, electronics, their culture and their people, but the Japanese can keep their lady bugs. LOL.

    • Use pyrethrin. Mix in a two gallon spayer. Follow mixing directions on container. Kills them quick. Its the same insecticide used for cat and dog flea shampoo and to keep flys off of horses etc. The biggest place they love to live is behind the siding of your house and garage. I istalled new windows last fall and removed my house siding and found millions of them living on ALL sides of my house and garage. And they also live inside the walls. I found gobs and gobs of nests. The insecticide works wonderful. Dont attempt removing your siding unless you are compleatly familiar with the process. Hire someone to do it if not. Best to have this done in cold or hot months while the bugs are dormant. You can also spay kill the bugs on the siding. But they will leave the orange blood streaks every where and youre stuck bleach washing your house. I use the bug killer in an atomizer bottle inside my house. Then a shop vac and a pit bull dog that loves to eat them.(stupid dog) he ate so many last year they came back up and he was sick for a week. You also have the option of having your home tented by an exterminator like they do with extreme roach and recluse infestations. BTW. Behind the siding also aplies to brown recluse spiders. Primarily on the hottest sides of a structure. Dont let the word “brown” fool you. The spiders in one colony will be from an almost transprarant white to jet black and every shade of beige and brown. This is the main reason its so hard to get recluses out of some structures. And exterminators wont tell you this. If so they wouldnt have a reason to come back each month and keep charging you.
      If you choose to take on anything yourself that i have described in this post take every measure to protect yourself. Thank you.

      • Thank you for the advice. They are certainly a nuisance. I live too far north to worry about the brown recluses, though I lived in Virginia for years so I am very familiar with them. Unfortunately, I guess I don’t live far enough north to say the same about the lady bugs. They are surely wintering in the walls. During the dead of winter I rarely see them, but still see one on occasion. During a short warm up and they come out in droves. There have been a few days over the last few years where going outside was avoided as there were thousands of them on the house and they would fly right into your face, almost swarming. A cool down and they are gone again. In a way I am in luck, though, as the siding does have to be replaced either this year or next year. It’s not up to me as it’s a rental, but my folks own it so I have a bit of influence.

        Again, thanks for the help. As for the orange blood streaks…I have a trash can full of little pieces of paper towel with an orange blood streak and a squished lady bug inside. LOL. A shop vac certainly does come in handy for the dead ones in the loft.

        Thanks again.

        • Youre welcome. Another place the bugs like for a winter home is the loose bark of dead trees and stacks of fire wood.

  5. It’s summer and I find them popping up in my room.. I don’t care if their “harmless” they’re bugs and they’re annoying and gross—they belong outdoors not indoors >:(

  6. You are wrong we have ladybug and fasting every year and they bite me and my children constantly they are very irritating and causes sores

  7. I have had this issue since Christmas, and hopefully these will help. I really hope they don’t lay eggs, because I do not want these in my room all year long.


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