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Essential Oils

Poo Pouri is a GREAT poop spray! I'll never buy a traditional bathroom spray again. Combine essential oIls & water to make your own Poo Pourri recipe

I've used Essential Oils for years for their Aromatherapy properties. Here are the basics of Aromatherapy and how to get started with Essential Oils.

5 home recipes to make natural fabric softener + 3 great tips for removing static cling in the dryer, and 4 ways to get rid of static cling on clothes you're wearing!

Know someone who moved? Or spends a lot of time at home? You've come to the right place to find something special for them this year! I own most of these!

I've used essential oil diffusers for years. First plastic ultrasonic diffusers and now glass nebulizing diffusers. Here's a point-by-point comparison summarizing my experience using nebulizers & ultrasonic diffusers.

Yes, you can find cheap essential oils that are 100% pure. Here's a list of the best essential oils to buy when you're on a budget - based on cost per drop.

Few, if any, flooring experts recommend steam cleaning hardwood floors. So I haven't - til now. My experience using the Monster steam mop vs Bona spray mop.

I tried 3 chemical-free cleaning products: A Dishwasher Disk, Laundry Balls, and Scented Dryer Balls. Here's what I learned...


I used to spend a fortune Dawn dishwashing foaming soap dispensers. Now I refill those pump bottles with my own homemade foaming soap! Here's how to make foaming soap