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I make dryer lint fire starters a little differently than others. See how I make DIY fire starters with dryer lint, tealight candles, and toilet paper tubes

The Scrub Daddy sponge, a popular smiley face scrubber, gets SOFT in hot water, HARD in cold water. Plus it doesn't hold onto food & odors. Lots of fun uses for this kitchen sponge!

A list of a zillion great uses for Mr Clean Magic Erasers from people who actually use them. See what makes a Magic Eraser cleaning block work & what this magic sponge is made of.

Should you buy a house or rent one? The hidden costs of home ownership were eye-opening to me when I bought my first home. Read this before buying a home.

There are all sorts of things you can burn in your chiminea or fireplace that will give off wonderful aromas. And the best part: many of them are items you can find right in your home or in your backyard! Here's how to make your own fire fragrance for your fireplace or chiminea.

If you're buying or selling a home, do you really need to hire a home inspector? If so, who pays... the buyer or the seller? Here's what you need to know about home inspections and how to find a good home inspector.

If you rent an apartment, or a house, then you're probably wondering if you should buy renters insurance or not. So, who really needs to buy renter's insurance? Here's what you need to know about insurance for renters.