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House Beautiful interviewed 14 top designers. In addition to their favorite design styles & products, they share all of the cleaning supplies they like best.


See how to make your home entry more enticing when staging your home... because first impressions are everything when it comes to selling your house!

Here's what to do with unused rooms when staging your home for sale. Tips for decorating empty rooms inexpensively in order to attract potential home buyers.

What's the best DIY home improvement project that costs least, increases a home's value most and has the greatest return on investment? Answer: cleaning & decluttering! See what the other 11 are.

If the home you're selling is brand new -- or a flip -- you should count on spending 1% of your home's asking price on home staging. In return, you can expect to get 10 times that back. Still, home staging is quite an elusive creature. How exactly do you stage a home? What are all the items in the home you need to look at? How much does it really cost to stage a home?

As a homeowner, you have to get creative about the ways you attempt to sell your home, since homes aren't selling very fast on their own these days. Here are some creative ways to sell your house fast.

Here are some tips from the pro's about staging your home for resale. Hopefully, these staging tips will help you get top dollar for your home.