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Replace regular wall outlet covers with these LED night light outlet covers using just a screwdriver. I did - No more plug-in night lights! 3 things to know

I've used essential oil diffusers for years. First plastic ultrasonic diffusers and now glass nebulizing diffusers. Here's a point-by-point comparison summarizing my experience using nebulizers & ultrasonic diffusers.

See how to repurpose old 45 vinyl records into a DIY lamp that changes colors & plays music. This DIY glow lamp is a color-changing Bluetooth speaker lamp!

Got any used drum sets? See how I turned a 4-piece drum set into a fun light fixture! (Better than standard LED drum lights.) Repurposed drum set tutorial.

There's a home burglary every 15 seconds. 60% of burglaries take place while the home is occupied. Here are the best DIY home security things you can do yourself to stay safe.

Want to see more examples regarding the 'magic' of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? Here are even more ways that I've personally used Magic Erasers and how I continue to be amazed by these low-tech gadgets.

Moving? Remodeling? Renovating?... Here are the Top 10 bathroom renovations that today's homeowners are concentrating on. If you're thinking about updating your bathroom, check here first for the best bathroom upgrades.