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3 eco-friendly moving tips to help you save money while being environmentally friendly at the same time. If my family can do it, then yours can too!

Thinking of using one of those PODS moving & storage units? Get a promo code here! Plus POD storage prices, photos, and reviews of PODS storage containers.

Moving soon? Leave most of the work to professionals by hiring a man & van moving service. Here's why - the pros & cons of using man & van moving companies.

Whether you are moving across town, across the state, or across the country, your moving costs can quickly add up. Here are the biggest line-items that greatly influence your overall cost to move.

Here you'll find the best day to move, the best month to move, as well as the worst times to move. To make the moving process easier AND less expensive, consider these tips when choosing your actual moving day.

Got a dog or a cat and a move in your future? Here are some tips for helping pets transition through a move. With a little preparation ahead of time, your pet can be comfortable for your upcoming move.

Moving insurance is one of those things that people usually think they can get by without. After all, your moving or relocation company will cover any damage or destruction of your property while it's being moved and during transit. Right? Well, not exactly.

When I was moving out of state -- from Oregon to Washington -- the items on this moving checklist made my move so much easier. Without this list, I would have lost my mind!

Most of us have had to pack up and move at least once in our lives. And, this isn't always the most fun experience. Plus, it can be downright expensive to move. I recently moved myself, and I learned a few interesting things along the way -- some of them the hard way. So, if you don't have the extra money to pay for movers to come and pack up your stuff and move it for you, then you'll enjoy these money-saving tips.