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Best Moving Tips Revealed: Best Time To Move Into A House… Or Apartment

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By Andrea

best-moving-tips-by-Johnathan.jpg My first job out of college was as a property manager.  I worked in that field for several years.  As a property manager it became obvious that:

  • May 30th to June 1st were the busiest days of the year in terms of moving.
  • August 31st through Sept 1st ran a close second.
  • The dates in between were pretty active as well (June 2nd through August 30th).

Of course, the busiest moving days of the year are largely dictated by the region of the country you live in and the local school calendar.

Generally speaking:

  • College students are most likely move when college lets out in the spring.  Then they are in a rush to move back in just in time for school to begin in the fall.
  • Families with kids are most likely to move in the summer months, as to not disrupt the children’s school year.


If You’ll Be Renting An Apartment…

For the above reasons, you are likely to pay more for an apartment if you plan to move in May or August.

On the other hand, landlords tend to be more flexible with prices (and more desperate to rent) in the fall and winter.

You will also notice that a landlord is more likely to write a lease that ends in the spring or summer (rather than in the winter), in order to ensure that they will have plenty of new tenants to choose from.

Renters typically have fewer items to move and are therefore more likely to move themselves from apartment to apartment, college to home, or home to college.

The most popular moving options for small moves include:

  • Transporting your belongings in your own vehicle (and maybe the vehicles of friends or family members)
  • Renting a small moving truck (which gives you much more packing space than a car does)
  • Renting a portable moving pod (which gives you the most flexibility to pack your stuff yourself, then call the moving company to haul it)


If You’ll Be Buying A House…

If you’re a homeowner and you will be moving items for an entire household, then you will probably be more likely to call a professional mover to handle your move.

In that case, it’s helpful to know that the busiest times for moving companies are during the summer months (May 15th through September 15th).  Particularly at the end of those months, the number of moving shipments is extremely heavy.

A few tips before moving to a new home:


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