My Experience With Hiring A Moving Company: Pros & Cons To Help You Decide

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man-and-van-moving-servicesA lot of people talk about the cons of hiring a man and van service:

  • Their services cost a lot.
  • They turn up later than expected.
  • They might leave dirty footsteps on your carpet.
  • And so on.

However, when push comes to shove and things need to get done professionally and efficiently, relying on a moving man and van company is the way to go.

Sure, it will cost more, but would you prefer having your possessions damaged due to the carelessness and negligence of friends and family who decide to help you out at the last minute?

It’s just not worth it — in my opinion.

I might be a little biased when I tell you that there are no cons to hiring a man and van service, but that is because of the great personal experience I had.


My Experience With Professional Movers

When my husband and I decided to move, we almost immediately singled out the option for getting professional help.

We really wanted to do it all on our own (with a little help from our friends), but since we couldn’t get them all together at the same time and none of them had a truck or a big enough van to fit all our belongings — we settled for professional movers.

Alas, there was one thing that bothered me. I was really nervous about whether the movers would be able to carry, load, transport, and unload our stuff flawlessly.

You see, me and my husband had turned the whole attic into something like a hobby lounge. We collect all sorts of stuff — but mainly VHS tapes and vinyl records. We had dozens of racks stacked with these items.

In addition, my husband and I take most pride in the 5 arcade games we own. I was really anxious if the moving crew had ever laid hands on such things, let alone knew how to handle them down the stairs and so on.

One thing’s for sure… I was pretty sure we were going to damage them if we had tried to haul them on our own.

We settled on a specific company and nervously anticipated the moving day. Once it finally came, the crew arrived on time with the proper truck — just the size we had ordered. (So far so good.)

I didn’t care much for our furniture (since most of the furniture of the house belonged to our now former landlord) or any of the major home appliances — but I was really worried about the hobby stuff.

I was amazed when I realized that the crew members were all well familiar with the moving of such items.

LPs were packed in 15”x15” cardboard boxes with a good amount of bubble wrap. We had no problems with the VHS tapes since they are so sturdy and resistant.

So when the attic was emptied and all that was left there were the arcades, the movers brought in some sort of handy moving straps. These guys definitely knew what they were doing.

Getting the big cabinets down the stairs was no problem for them, and they even knew that they had to place them upright in the van. Impressive.

Unloading everything and moving it in our new home was as flawless as loading and moving out.

So, here are the pros of hiring a man and van moving service as I see it:

  • They arrive with exactly the size truck you need.
  • They have experience moving large items as well as fragile items.
  • They will individually wrap your most cherished items.
  • They have the moving supplies necessary to do the job quickly and efficiently.
  • They save you the hassle of having to move everything out of your old home and into your new home yourself.


The Bottom Line

Hopefully, my personal experience will help you see that it is definitely worth it to hire a professional man and van moving service.

So, next time you move, do yourself a favor and find a reliable man and van service. You can trust that the workers will be well-experienced, have everything you need, and will — without a doubt — remove all of your possessions in one piece.

I am more than satisfied with my experience and don’t regret it at all.

Heather is a writer from London who has a flair for decoration and interior design. She is always searching for new challenges, and hence often moves to different places.