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Use these tips to clean, disinfect, and remove mold, mildew, bacteria, germs, soap scum... like a pro! A list of the best cleaning products from pro housecleaners

Is fabric softener necessary? Does it work? Is it bad for you, your clothes, or your dryer? The truth about fabric softeners & dryer sheets - myths debunked

The Scrub Daddy sponge, a popular smiley face scrubber, gets SOFT in hot water, HARD in cold water. Plus it doesn't hold onto food & odors. Lots of fun uses for this kitchen sponge!

House Beautiful interviewed 14 top designers. In addition to their favorite design styles & products, they share all of the cleaning supplies they like best.

I tried 3 chemical-free cleaning products: A Dishwasher Disk, Laundry Balls, and Scented Dryer Balls. Here's what I learned...


I used to spend a fortune Dawn dishwashing foaming soap dispensers. Now I refill those pump bottles with my own homemade foaming soap! Here's how to make foaming soap

The advantages of using oxygen bleach products over chlorine bleach products far outweigh the disadvantages. Oxygen bleach is environmentally safe and non-toxic -- reasons alone to switch from chlorine bleach to oxygen bleach.

See, point-by-point, why I -- and lots of other people -- prefer front loading washing machines. I've highlighted 7 key reasons here.

Throughout my cleaning career, I have cleaned a lot of showers and tubs -- many times without great success. But over time, I've found what I consider to be the best products and methods for soap scum removal.