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Bissell Carpet Cleaners Are The Best… Especially The Bissell Proheat Steam Cleaner!

bissell-proheat-steam-cleaner.jpgWith two dogs in the house 24/7, we NEED a powerful carpet cleaner more often than we’d like to admit!

I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve used our Bissell Pro Heat steam cleaner to clean up even the toughest of pet stains.

If you’re wondering how it works, and whether or not it’s worth the money, consider this…

We’ve used our Bissell Pro Heat steam cleaner to clean up “pet stains” including:

Not to mention how often we use it to clean up “people stains” including:

The Bissell Pro-Heat carpet cleaner works wonders on pet stains like dog vomit.

The best part:

Regardless of how long the stain has been there (…2 hours, 2 days, or 2 MONTHS!) the Bissell Proheat carpet shampooer cleans it up like a champ. I can personally attest to this. I’ve had mine for years!


How The Bissell Proheat Works

Here’s how the Bissell works in 2 simple steps:


#1 – Choose Your Cleaner.

First, you fill up the liquid soap container…

Bissell soap container. Carpet shampoo container on the Bissell Proheat steam cleaner.

My all-time favorite liquid cleaner for the Bissell Proheat is: Zep Extractor Carpet Shampoo.

Zep carpet cleaner for steam cleaners and carpet extraction machines. It’s what the professionals use. I get it from Home Depot.

I like it because:

  • It’s “low-foam”, so it doesn’t gunk up your carpet with soaps or sticky residue.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It smells good.


#2 – Load It With Water & Start Vacuuming!

Simply fill up the bladder with hot water, and from there — it’s like a typical vacuum cleaner. Just push & pull.

The water bladder inside the Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner. The Bissell Pro-heat works in such a way that every time you depress the trigger on the handle the perfect combination of cleaner and water are sprayed onto your carpet.

For the best effects, you PRESS the trigger as you’re PUSHING the machine over a stain, then RELEASE the trigger as you’re PULLING it back over the same stain. Whenever the Bissell Proheat is not dispensing liquid onto your carpet, it automatically sucks the liquid up from your carpet. It’s really powerful too.

That’s it!


Check Out The Duo-Water Container

Bissell Proheat water container that holds clean and dirty water. The coolest thing about the Bissell Pro-Heat is the fact that the clean water and the dirty water are stored in the same container — clean water remains in the bladder, dirty water surrounds the bladder.

To empty the water, you simply hold the duo water container upside down over the sink, bathtub, or toilet and both the clean and dirty water go right down the drain.

The best part is… regardless of what you’re cleaning up, your hands never touch the yucky water.

Trivial sidenote: The amount of water you choose to start with largely affects the weight of the cleaning machine itself. Therefore, if you’ve just got a small job at hand, you could just fill the bladder partially full. (A great tip, if you plan to carry the Bissell up a flight of stairs or something.)

Dirty water reservoir on the Bissell Pro-heat steam cleaner. The Bissell proheat removes even the toughest stains! The photo on the right reveals the dirty water that resulted from this one small cleaning task (above).

The photo on the left shows the same spot moments after cleaning with the Bissell Proheat steam cleaner.

It’s a very powerful cleaner. And your reward is the volume of murky dirty water that results after even small cleaning jobs!


Hop On-Board

While I typically use the entire vacuum cleaner-like machine itself for all stains — large and small — you can also use a number of onboard tools for cleaning up smaller stains, carpeted stairs, etc. The tools have their own small trigger which dispenses the proper amount of cleaning fluid and water, directly onto the spot.

Back view of the Bissell Proheat showing all of the on-board tools you can use for cleaning carpet stains.Another great feature is the tiny red button on the back of the machine. It allows you to turn “on” or “off” the internal heating element. When it’s on, you are using the hottest water possible to zap up stains. (Not sure why you’d ever want this to be “off”… it works amazingly with super-hot water.)


It’s Not A Vacuum Cleaner

While the Bissell Pro-Heat Steam Cleaner looks like a normal vacuum cleaner, it is not anything like a vacuum cleaner and it cannot be used to sweep your carpet!

Despite its very powerful suction underneath, it can only suck up LIQUIDS and no solids can get through the tiny holes. (Which is a good thing, since solids would clog the inner workings of this liquid cleaning machine.)

On a related note, you must thoroughly vacuum the area FIRST before you steam clean your carpet. Otherwise, dog fur and other “carpet goodies” will gather underneath and you’ll have to manually wipe off the underside of the machine every few minutes.


It’s The Best Carpet Cleaner In The World!

Bissell pro-heat is a must if you have pets... especially two dogs! I’ve had my Bissell Pro Heat steam cleaner for over 4 years now, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I probably use it for spot cleaning at least once a week (dogs!), and I give ALL of the carpet a complete cleaning every 2-3 months.

There hasn’t been a stain that it couldn’t pick up yet… and with 3 dogs, you never know what you might need to clean up next.

No doubt about it, the Bissell Pro Heat carpet cleaner is doggie-approved… it gets a 4-paws rating!


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