Where To Get Moving Boxes For Free And For Sale

Moving soon? Need a bunch of boxes… FAST? Start here! This is the ultimate list of where to get moving boxes for free AND for sale. Plus the places you should NOT get moving boxes from! Do you know the #1 thing to look for when choosing boxes for your move? What can you do with all of those cardboard boxes after you’ve moved? We’ve got the answers to all your questions about moving boxes!

Find a common element or theme for pictures that you place in a grouping. photo by tandemracer on Flickr

Best Picture Hanging Tips: How To Hang Pictures & Artwork On The Wall Like A Pro

If you’re like me, then making sure that all pictures hang straight on the wall is a huge deal. I hate it when I hang pictures only to spend forever adjusting and re-adjusting them in an attempt to get them all to hang just right. Here are all the best picture hanging tips to get things right the very first time you hang pictures or artwork on your walls.

Tips For Pricing Yard Sale Items

Here are some great tips for how to price yard sale items — both ahead of time, and on-site during your garage sale. Plus, how you can find the true value for any item, so you know how much to ask for your yard sale items.

Dozens Of Unique Uses For Leftover Blue Painters Tape!

In my opinion, blue painter’s tape is utterly INDESPENSIBLE around the house! It’s great because painter’s tape sticks to the surface, but leaves no sticky residue when it is removed. Alright, here we go… 10 unique uses for blue painter’s tape!