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Dozens Of Unique Uses For Leftover Blue Painters Tape!

Masking tape… “although it isn’t as popular as duct tape, most homes have at least 1 or 2 rolls around the house.”

Painter’s tape… “has light, or weak, adhesive. The paper backing of the tape is easy to tear.”

In my opinion, blue painter’s tape is utterly indispensable around the house! So when you’re done using painters tape for all your painting projects, here are some fun things you can do with leftover painter’s tape.


It’s great because painters tape sticks to the surface, but leaves no sticky residue when it is removed.

Alright, here we go… my own top uses for blue painter’s tape! (Or any other color you might happen to have on hand.)

UPDATE: At the end of this post, I’ve added several more ideas that are clever enough to receive an ‘honorable mention’.


My Top 10 Unique Uses For Painters Tape

One single roll of blue painter's tape.
Here are the top 10 reasons that I, personally, always keep a roll of blue painter’s tape in the house:


#1 – As a chip clip.

You can throw out all those broken & lopsided chip clips now. Painter’s tape makes a handy-dandy “chip clip” that costs next to nothing! In fact, it’s disposable and easily replenishable. So there. You no longer need to pay for those frivolous chip clips you see hanging on the end aisles anymore. Just tear off a strip of painter’s tape and you’re golden! Between you & me… I actually think it provides a tighter seal than chip clips anyways.

Check out these 7 unique ways to seal potato chip bags and keep chips fresh.


#2 – Better than a sticky note.

It sticks stronger and lasts longer than your typical sticky notes. Which means painter’s tape is great when working outdoors where it might be windy. The “stickiness” of painter’s tape lasts much longer than sticky notes, too. So you can continue to move your “note” from one location to another — without it losing its grip!

You might want to consider buying wide-width painters tape if you plan to write wordy notes!


#3 – Keep small things within reach on a ladder.

If you’ll be hammering nails or screwing screws or changing drill bits from atop a ladder, keep them all within reach by loosely placing a long strip of painter’s tape across the “ladder shelf”. (You know, that part of the ladder you’re not supposed to step on.) Place the items you’re planning to use underneath the tape, then give a gentle tap to secure them in place while you work. Then, just add or remove items as you complete your project. It’s like having an extra set of hands to hold things for you!

Another way to keep things within reach when you’re on a ladder is to use a ladder tool bag.


#4 – Need a helping hand?

Have you ever wished that you had a couple of extra fingers to help hold something in place whenever you’re working on a project? Just use painter’s tape! It will hold most light- to medium-weight items in place for you. (And it doesn’t whine or complain either.)

On a related note… Here are examples of a clamp that serves as an extra hand — it’s great when you’re working with tools and you need a helping hand.


#5 – Take notes for a DIY project.

If you’re working on a do-it-yourself project at home (like putting together a bookshelf) and you need to indicate the places to make your “cuts”, or try to remember which types of screws go where, or simply keep track of the instructions while you’re putting it together… painter’s tape will mark everything for you! And when you’re done with that part of the project, just remove the tape and throw that piece away.

Have some serious note-taking to do?… consider Yahoo’s FREE Notepad or Google’s FREE GTasks. I used to use Yahoo’s daily to access all my notes from any computer. These days, I’m hooked on Google’s GTasks for doing the same thing with ease!


#6 – Align your framed photos & artwork.

Ever wish you could “see” what your wall would look like if you arranged picture frames or artwork one way versus another way? Just use strips of painters tape — that match the dimensions of your frames — and practice with different layouts on the wall that way! You’ll be able to see exactly what your photo groupings will look like.

More great ideas for arranging pictures and artwork on your walls.


#7 – Keep foods fresher.

Just put a small piece of painter’s tape inside a ziplock baggie with your food, and… KIDDING! To keep foods fresher, you simply slap a strip of painter’s tape onto the package after you’ve folded down the end flap, and foods like cereal, flour, chocolate chips, cheese, bagged lettuce — anything you’d like to keep the air out of — will stay fresher longer.

Nothing beats a foodsaver though.


#8 – Keep people (and pets!) from walking through patio doors.

You think I’m kidding??? It happens more often than you realize. People and pets who are on a mad rush to get from one place to the next often forget the logistics of opening and closing glass doors and patio screens. Trust me, I know… I have a dog that ran nose-first into our patio screen door that leads to the backyard!

I’ve also compiled a list of 8 clever uses for painters tape when you have dogs.


#9 – Personalize your stuff.

Think: label maker. Is your kid going off to camp? Is your pantry or refrigerator unorganized? Do your children have toys, school supplies, jackets, etc that always get mixed up — whose is whose? Need to organize the sleeping bags, tents & other camping gear? Do you wish to return home from the next scrapbooking event with your own stuff? You might want to consider sticking your name, your child’s name, or any other pertinent information on a piece of painters tape and labeling it.

My theory: If you can’t personalize it with Scrabble tiles, then personalize it with painter’s tape!


#10 – A handy party accessory.

Who knew that blue painters tape would come in so handy at parties? Some ideas for using the blue tape at your next party:

  • Hang party decorations
  • Mark a start and/or finish line for games on the floor
  • Create a game board on the floor
  • Tape down a Twister game mat so it stays in one place
  • Label drink cups, so each party guest has their own
  • Mark areas of the house that are off-limits



Other Great Ideas For Using Painters Tape:

Here are a handful of other uses for blue painters tape that are clever enough to receive an ‘honorable mention’:

  • Mark trees or other landmarks temporarily — during a picnic, family reunion, hike in the woods, etc.
  • Price individual items for sale in a yard sale or garage sale.
  • Use as a bandage for a blister …in an emergency, of course.
  • Label cords, cables and wires — like those coming from your computer, TV, stereo, etc.
  • Use the tape itself as a directional sign with arrows, or just place pieces of painters tape in the shape of words to make unique signs.
  • To make a straight, clean line when you’re caulking or gluing, create a line with painter’s tape before you start. After gluing or caulking, wipe off the excess and remove the tape. You will have a nice clean line.
  • Mark the spot on the floor you have to stand behind when shooting darts in your garage.
  • Label the contents of your food storage containers – and date it, so you’ll know when it’s no longer fresh. Painters tape works just as well for labeling storage containers in y0ur garage, attic, and closets. Bonus: When you remove the tape later, you won’t have the sticky residue that masking tape leaves behind. You won’t need Goo Gone to remove it, either!
  • Get organized with painters tape. Use it to mark where specific items go in your garage, work room, or shed.
  • Use in place of any other tape. It works just as great!

Here’s how to use painter’s tape to quickly & easily install a screen protector on your phone:


A Fashion DON’T…

Here’s one use for painter’s tape that’s creative, but not highly recommended:

'Ooops, I ripped by britches. Wait... I've got some GREEN tape!' 'With the help of my lovely assistant - my wife Carrie - I'll be good to go in no time!' 'I'll just tape a black t-shirt over my white underwear... kinda like a diaper...' '...then use the GREEN tape to hold the t-shirt in place around my waste!''Gimme the tape... I'll show you how it's done...' 'Lovely assistant can't stop laughing...' 'There, you'll see... good as new!' 'See... no one will even notice, right? Hey it's better than my WHITE underwear showing through... I think.'This was our friend Tad, and his wife Carrie as they rushed to find a quick-fix for some torn pants on a day at the races. Thanks for the laughs guys!