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I've had lots of great garage sales. I recently had my most successful yard sale ever. Made over $1,000! Here are 101 of my best yard sale tips... for FREE.

Roof has black streaks on asphalt shingles? Or a green mossy growth? You've got roof mold or algae. Why it grows + How to remove black streaks from a roof.

The best gutter guards keep gutters from clogging with leaves, water & debris. But not everyone agrees that gutter covers are worth the cost, time & effort to install. Here are gutter guard reviews to help you decide.

How to keep ladybugs out of your home + Reasons they invade your house. Avoid a ladybug infestation (aka Asian lady beetles and ladybirds) with these tips.

See how I made this DIY boot rack & bench out of a $5 wooden spool, some scrap wood, and paint. It's also useful for hanging kids muddy clothes on!

Window fogging in our house was driving me crazy - til I found the humidity levels in our home were too high. Here's the best window condensation fix: a dehumidifier & some Damp Rid!

Snow & ice can wreak havoc on your house gutters. See how to strengthen gutters to withstand even the harshest winter storms. No more ice dams & roof melt!

Here are the best ways to store paint so you can actually reuse what's leftover at some point.

There are all sorts of things you can burn in your chiminea or fireplace that will give off wonderful aromas. And the best part: many of them are items you can find right in your home or in your backyard! Here's how to make your own fire fragrance for your fireplace or chiminea.