Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Aromatherapy

Essential oil diffusers are an excellent way to freshen the air in a room while creating a welcoming atmosphere — without the use of any artificial chemicals.

Here are a wide variety of diffusers for use in Aromatherapy

There are a variety of ways to disperse the scent from Essential Oils throughout the room. The most common:

Candle Burners

Essential Oil burners are commonly used in aromatherapy. A few drops of pure Essential Oil being diluted in a small bowl of water, which is then heated above a tea light. Aromatherapy candle burners can be made of glass, terra cotta, stone, or clay.

Glass candle oil burner.Terra cotta candle burner.Ceramic candle diffuser.Ceramic candle burner.

Aromatherapy diffuser fan.

Fan Diffusers

There are a wide variety of fan diffusers available. These are powered by either batteries or electricity and they work by blowing air over a tray or pad of oil.


This is one of the most common methods aromatherapists use to disperse oils. Nebulizers break down the oil into separate tiny molecules, making it easier for the lungs to inhale them. You simply add 10 or more drops of Essential Oil into the glass nebulizer. You can add single Essential Oils or make a blend right in the nebulizer depending on your application. Turn on the diffuser and allow the room fill with the Essential Oil aroma.

Room model electric nebulizer diffuser with timer. Glass nebulizer diffuser for aromatherapy.

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Clay Scent Drops & Terra Cotta Discs

For an inexpensive (and portable!) way to enjoy Aromatherapy oils, clay & terra cotta discs use the sun’s natural energy to diffuse the scent. Add a few drops of Essential Oil to the disc and the scent will be dispersed through the porous surface to freshen the air in a room, or in the car. There’s no need for a flame, batteries, or electricity because the scent simply permeates through the porous material.

terra-cotta-sun-hanging-diffuser.jpg terra-cotta-pendants.jpg Terra cotta discs come in many shapes and sizes!

Scent ball diffuser and refill pads.

Plug-In Scent Balls

Scent Balls use electricity to disperse the scent throughout a room. Simply place a drop or two of Essential Oils onto the scent pad (these can be replaced)… the aroma lasts for hours.

Pocket Inhalers

These are specially-made to safely fit inside your nose for the most direct application of aromatherapy scents. (Of course, you could go the less fashionable route and just carry around a tissue, or a couple of cotton balls in a plastic baggie or an old Altoids tin to achieve the same effect.)

Refillable pocket inhaler. Personal aromatherapy pocket inhaler.

Diffuser reeds in a glass vase.

Diffuser Reeds

Bamboo reeds are placed into a slender neck vase that contains Essential Oils for a natural way to diffuse scent into a room. The reeds soak in the essence of the Essential Oil mixture. For a more intense scent, turn over some of all of the reeds to release the fragrance quicker.

Steam inhaler.

Steam Inhalers

With steam inhalers, you can add a few drops of Essential Oils directly to the water, then inhale the aromatherapy. (Or, you could also place 6 to 8 drops of Essential Oil in a bowl of steaming hot water, then place a towel over your head, lean over the bowl and inhale deeply for several minutes.)

Lightbulb Rings

A diffuser ring sets directly on top of a lightbulb, and you simply place a drop or two onto the ring itself. When the light is switched on, the scent from the Essential Oil begins to fill the room. Lightbulb diffuser rings can be made of ceramic, terra cotta, or other natural stones.

Terra cotta lightbulb ring. Ceramic light ring diffuser. lightbulb-diffuser-light-ring.jpg

Car Aromatherapy Diffusers

An auto aromatherapy diffuser can stay plugged into the cigarette lighter inside your car at all times. It’s a dashboard accessory that never has to be unplugged. You can easily change the scent — either by changing the bottle that’s attached to the diffuser, or by changing the scent pad that’s inside.

Car aromatherapy diffuser with bottles. car-diffuser-with-scent-pads.jpg

Aromatherapy Refills:

A set of amber bottles with eyedroppers built into the lids. A refill pack of aromatherapy scent pads -- these work for most plug-in type scent balls and diffusers that require pads.

Check out this one-of-a-kind Humidifier Diffuser:

Humidifier Aromatherapy Diffuser.

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