Do You Really Need Jet-Dry In The Dishwasher? YES!


I'm not sure why exactly, but for all of my 43 years I have resisted the urge to try Jet-Dry in the dishwasher. I think because I believed it was just a lot of hype, and it seemed wasteful to spend money on something that got your dishes looking "extra clean". (Isn't clean enough?) Well, I'm here to tell you, I tried Jet-Dry for the very first time this week. And now I'm hooked. Even hubby says, 'We can't go back to dishes looking the way they used to look when they came out of the … [Read more...]

When It Pays To Hire A Professional For Home Repairs & Home Projects And When It’s Better To Do It Yourself

What's on your to-do list these days?  Does it include one or more projects around the house that you might be able to hire a professional to do for you instead? I've already told you about my recent carpet cleaning experience (...where I wish we would have called a professional to clean the carpets for us instead of spending 2 days doing it ourselves!). We learned a valuable lesson there.  In addition to paying to rent the carpet cleaner machine (and the carpet cleaning solution), three … [Read more...]

My Old Dishwasher Runs Like New Again… After Cleaning Out All That Gunk!


So here it is 2 years later from the first time our dishwasher backed up and I was forced to do a major de-gunking in order to get it running back up to speed. That was then, this is now... Today, when I glanced at that basket in the back of our dishwasher, I noticed lots of "black gunk" had built up underneath the basket itself. There was so much blackness in there, that you could actually tell from a distance that there was some serious build-up going on in there. No water backing … [Read more...]

4 Quick & Easy Tips For Keeping Your Dishwasher Running Smoothly

Since my earlier article describing how I fixed our clogged dishwasher myself was such a hit, I thought I'd offer up a few more great tips for 'fixing' your dishwasher and keeping it running smoothly. For example, did you know that more than 60% of dishwashers have a fungus on the rubber seal around the appliance door? Here's the fix: Use a regular spray cleaner and a small brush to get into the grooves of the rubber. To sanitize your entire dishwasher, layer of coating of 1 part white … [Read more...]

I Fixed Our Dishwasher! Here’s How I Did It…


Jim and I are definitely do-it-yourselfers. In our 6+ years of marriage, we have never once called a repairman to our home whenever something broke or stopped working. Around the house, if something goes wrong, Jim usually has enough handyman skills in him to get us out of practically any jam. And with my research skills, I'm usually able to point him in the right direction anytime he's unsure about something. I guess we're a pretty good team. But last week, Jim was out of town -- for a … [Read more...]