Get 10 Trees For $10 And FREE Shipping For Arbor Day… Or Any Day!

While Arbor Day is celebrated at different times in different states, Spring is generally the time of year when people get in the tree planting mode. So, in honor of Arbor Day — and Spring — following is information on how you can get 10 trees for $10 (with FREE shipping).

View Arbor Day dates across America.

The folks at the National Arbor Day Foundation will send you 10 trees perfect for planting in your own yard and chosen specifically for your area when you join for just $10.

See which trees are available for your “zone” here. (Just enter your zip code.)

Then, you pick the type you’d like to receive (flowering trees, oak trees, etc.), fill out the online form, and you get a 6-month membership in the National Arbor Day Foundation in appreciation for your efforts to plant more trees.

Your 6 to 12-inch trees will arrive with easy planting instructions.

Do your part to help the environment and beautify your back yard… Neighborhoods all across this beautiful country of ours can benefit from this generous offer!

Which Types Of Trees Are Included?

Here are the types of trees you get to choose from:

10 Free Flowering Trees:

  • 2 Flowering Dogwoods
  • 2 Golden Raintrees
  • 2 Flowering Crab Apples
  • 2 Washington Hawthorns
  • 2 American Redbuds


10 Free Oak Trees:

  • 2 Pin Oaks
  • 2 Red Oaks
  • 2 Willow Oaks
  • 2 Bur Oaks
  • 2 Scarlet Oaks


10 Free Colorado Blue Spruce Trees


Many other FREE trees available – based on your area

From the National Arbor Day Foundation:

This offer of 10 free trees is extended as a welcome to new members (which costs just $10).

As a new member, you’ll also receive these member benefits:

  • Membership card
  • The Tree Book with planting & care information
  • Arbor Day bimonthly newsletter subscription
  • Save 33-56% on the purchase of other trees

Even if you don’t plant a tree on Arbor Day, you might want to do your ecological duty and think about planting a tree in the near future.

Reasons To Plant A Tree

Here are some of the best reasons I could find for giving a sapling life and planting a tree of your very own:

  • Trees clean our water. American Forests plants trees to make water clean and safe for drinking, boating, fish, and wildlife.
  • Trees fight climate change. Planting 30 trees each year with American Forests offsets greenhouse gases from your car and home.
  • You’ll breathe easier. Your trees will clean the air and return pure oxygen, making breathing easier for all of us.
  • Trees are cool. Trees cool the air, land, and water with their leafy shade and moisture.
  • Trees save money. American Forests plants city trees to reduce the cost of controlling stormwater, reduce home energy use, and improve property values.
  • Animals need trees. Trees shelter and nourish wildlife, from bears to bald eagles, salmon to salamanders.
  • Trees celebrate life. The growth of trees symbolizes life going on, generation after generation.
  • Trees make good neighbors. Trees are planted in neighborhoods to improve quality of life, build community spirit, and reduce crime.
  • It’s easy. Simply click or call American Forests (800-545-TREE) or the National Arbor Day Foundation (888-448-7337).