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The Best Soap Scum Removers For Removing Soap Scum In The Bathroom

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By Charity

scrub-free-soap-scum-remover.jpg Soap scum is a combination of soap, bacteria, dead skin, and body oils that builds up builds up on showers and bathtubs.

This waxy film can often be difficult to remove, if you don’t have the right products.

Throughout my cleaning career, I have cleaned a lot of showers and tubs — many times without great success. But over time, I’ve found what I consider to be the best products and methods for soap scum removal.


Soap Scum vs Water Stains

Before attempting to remove soap scum, you should test the shower or tub to make sure that it is actually soap scum and not hard water stains instead.

Soap scum should be easy to scratch off with your fingernail. On the other hand, hard water stains will not just scratch off.

Once you have determined that it is soap scum, take one of the products listed below and spray the area. You should let it set for a few minutes. Refer to the directions on the label, and follow them to a tee.

After the cleaner has been on long enough to penetrate the soap scum, you should be able to wipe it down and rinse.

Best Soap Scum Removers

These are the products that I recommend for removing soap scum:

These products are the absolute best when it comes to removing soap scum. When used properly, they are the only ones that I believe give consistently good results.

  • Scrub Free is a great product… it destroys soap scum! Plus, it smells good so you aren’t overwhelmed by fumes.
  • Comet Spray is underrated in my opinion. It’s a wonderful product because not only does it remove the soap scum, but it will really leave your tub or shower sparkling clean. It also has a mild smell that is not overpowering.
  • Finally, if you don’t get the desired results from one of the first two products, another way that I’ve found to remove soap scum is to use a Magic Eraser. I suggest using this one last because it takes a good amount of scrubbing and a good number of Magic Erasers to remove the scum from an entire tub or shower. But I’ve had great results using the Magic Erasers, as the soap scum will roll up on the surface and then you can rinse it right out.

If the above methods don’t work, then you’ve got a serious soap scum problem. Your best course of action may be to use a razor blade that is in a safety holder. However, this only works on smooth tile or glass. (Do NOT use the razor blade method on fiberglass or plastic surfaces.)  Just be sure that you use care with the razor blade, as it should only take a little pressure while scraping to remove the soap scum.