Here is a list of the best gutter cleaning tools that make this household chore even easier. photo by by NathanReed on Flickr

Best Gutter Cleaning Tools For Removing Leaves & Debris From Your Gutters With Ease

by Lynnette

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Here is a list of the best gutter cleaning tools that make this household chore even easier. photo by by NathanReed on FlickrDo you tend to put off cleaning the gutters until as late as possible?

Maybe you even skipped doing it last year because it’s such a dreaded household chore.

Well, there’s no need to put it off anymore thanks to some helpful products that make cleaning gutters easier than ever!

Following are the best tools that help you clean the nastiness out of your gutters.


4 Ways To Clean Gutters

Generally speaking, there are 4 ways to clean gutters:

1.  Climb a ladder and use a variety of tools to grab and remove the leaves and debris at eye-level.

2.  Attach tools to a wet/dry shop vac to suck up the leaves or to blast them out of the gutters.

3.  Attach tools to your water hose to spray leaves out of the gutters.

4.  Use a long-reaching pole to remove leaves from the gutters while standing at ground level.

Of course, there are some gutter cleaning tools that combine one or more of the methods mentioned above. And each has its pros and cons. In the end, it all comes down to your own personal preference and which seems like the safest and easiest option to you.

These are the best gutter cleaning tools available right now…


Gutter Sense

If you’re tired of climbing on ladders and pouring water from a hose to flush the leaves and debris out of your gutters, this nifty little tool may be just what you’re looking for!

One of the best things is the fact that you can clean your gutters from the ground. No ladder is required. And there’s no need for water from your garden hose either.

Plus, it’s so lightweight that you can even reach a 2-story gutter with no problem.

The tool itself has 2 prongs and fits on an ordinary extension pole. (Check your current brooms, mops, and ceiling fan cleaners to see if they’re attached to extension poles.) Think of the pronged arms as a pair of tongs. While you’re standing on the ground below, the angled arms of the Gutter Sense are able to grasp everything from leaves to pine needles.

Not bad for $20.

TIP: The Gardena Gutter Cleaner Head is another similar option.

Reviews from Gutter Sense owners:


iRobot Looj Remote Controlled Gutter Cleaning Robot

If you love gadgets, and the idea of having your own personal robot cleaning your gutters tickles your fancy, this could be a fun new toy.

It’s a remote controlled auger that will blast right through everything from dried debris to wet sludge. In effect, it “brushes” your gutters clean.

One nice perk is that comes with a holster and belt which makes it both hands free and have it’s own easy storage.

TIP: Use this template to make sure the iRobot Looj will fit your gutters first.

At nearly $100, this one may seem cost-prohibitive at first — especially since you will only use it a few times each year. However, iRobot products tend to be durable, reliable, and highly recommended. Therefore, not only will it save you time and energy when you do use it, but it will also last for years!

Reviews from iRobot Looj owners: 


Gutter Getter

If you’re looking for the most affordable option, this one rates right up there at around $15.

Of all the tools reviewed here, this one requires the most manual labor on your part. The effect is similar to using a broom and dustpan to clean your gutters.

Although you still have to stand on a ladder to use the Gutter Getter, it greatly extends your reach and reduces the number of times you have to climb up and down the ladder. You can clean up to 14 feet of your gutters at a time before having to move the ladder.

It’s much more than simply a 42-inch extension pole though. The tools that come in the kit (a scoop, a broom, a dustpan, and a grabber) make it easy to get the leaves and debris out of the gutters. It also works great around and under gutter hangers.

Reviews from Gutter Getter owners: 


Gutter Cleaning Tools Using Air

If you like the idea of using air to either suck up the leaves from your gutters or blast out the leaves with pressure, here are the best ones:

(These are used while you’re standing on the ground.)

Shop Vac Gutter Cleaning Kit – It’s simple in design, but effective nonetheless. Plus, it’s one the least expensive options at under $10. It comes with a 120-degree elbow and a concentrator nozzle, as well as 2 extension wands which attach to your shop vac’s blower port. Simply plug in your shop vac and, while standing on the ground, you’re able to blow everything out of your gutters. Want a similar but slightly more sophisticated contraption? Try the Gutter Clutter Buster.

Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment – If you have a Weed Eater gas or electric leaf blower, then this may suit your needs better than using a standard vacuum cleaner. You’ll get more powerful bursts of air.

AiraLeave – If you have a clogged gutter due to a blockage of leaves in the downspout, attach this to any standard leaf blower and then to your downspout — at ground level. Once you turn it on, the powerful burst of air will immediately travel upwards and break up the clog on contact. It’s an effective but messy procedure, because it sends all of the debris into the air (and then back down on you) once the clog is removed. The reviews speak for themselves.



Gutter Cleaning Tools Using Water

When you’re using water to remove leaves and debris from your gutters, you’re effectively cleaning your gutters at the same time!

While it may be a bit messier to use water, it’s important to note that air alone won’t remove the bits & pieces of roof shingles that have a way of gathering in your gutters or that nasty collection of decomposing leaves sitting in your gutters (if it’s been some time since you last cleaned them). That’s when pressured water can be a lifesaver.

Here are the best gutter cleaning tools that use water to get the job done:

(Each of these can be used while you’re standing on the ground.)

Gutter Cleaning Extension Wand – has a slight hook at the end of the telescoping pole to help loosen clumps of leaves or debris from your gutters. But the magic is in the nozzle which uses water to push leaves out of the gutters.

Angled Pressure Washer Gutter Sprayer – if you have a pressure washer, this one is a little more heavy duty and powerful than most water-blasting gutter cleaning systems.



DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips

And finally, a few tips for the true do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t want to buy any gutter cleaning tools at all: