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Poo Pouri is a GREAT poop spray! I'll never buy a traditional bathroom spray again. Combine essential oIls & water to make your own Poo Pourri recipe

Two reasons most fogless shower mirrors fail: 1) They don't stay on the wall. 2) They don't stay fog free. The ToiletTree Fogless Mirror stays fog free AND stays on the wall! It's the best shower mirror in our opinion.

Doorstops are easy to make! See 9 makeshift door stoppers using everyday household items + 7 DIY door stop tutorials + 16 of the most unique door stops on Amazon

We received the most wonderful housewarming gift for our new home: a Ring Video Doorbell! Here's what I like best about the Ring WiFi Doorbell.

Lotus Trolley Bags are larger, sturdier, and more durable than most reusable shopping bags. See the 16 reasons I ditched my other reusable grocery bags and only use Lotus totes for grocery shopping now!

Know someone who moved? Or spends a lot of time at home? You've come to the right place to find something special for them this year! I own most of these!

I've used essential oil diffusers for years. First plastic ultrasonic diffusers and now glass nebulizing diffusers. Here's a point-by-point comparison summarizing my experience using nebulizers & ultrasonic diffusers.

Got any used drum sets? See how I turned a 4-piece drum set into a fun light fixture! (Better than standard LED drum lights.) Repurposed drum set tutorial.

Honestly, I wasn't sure this Sumo bean bag chair would meet my needs as well as it has -- but I've fallen in love with it! Here's everything you need to know about this oversized bean bag chair before you buy one for yourself or as a gift. See the pros & cons and who I think will enjoy it the most.