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Home Depot Kids Workshops

Saw this the other day when I was at Home Depot…

A do-it-yourself Home Depot Kids Workshop. A bunch of kids taking part in a Home Depot Kids Workshop in Franklin, Tennessee.

…I wish I’d participated in a few do-it-yourself projects when I was a kid!

The only “hands-on experience” I got as a little kid was in my own backyard… making mud pies and collecting lightening bugs & nightcrawlers.

Kids participating in a hands-on workshop at the local Home Depot. Kudos to Home Depot… and to the parents of these kids who saw the value in kids participating in some do-it-yourself home projects at a young age.


Facts About Home Depot Kids Workshops

  • Since 1997, 12 million projects have been built at Kids Workshops
  • More than 750,000 children built their first toolbox at The Home Depot
  • Nearly 600,000 birdhouses have been constructed at Kids Workshops
  • More than 290,000 children have built a step stool at Kids Workshops to help them reach higher
  • On average, 75 children per store attend a Kids Workshop