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Bathroom Secrets: Do You Snoop Inside Medicine Cabinets?

snooping-in-the-medicine-cabinetWould you believe that over 50% of all people who come to a party in your home will actually snoop inside your medicine cabinet?!

It’s true.

…But only 4% are ever caught.

You’d be surprised how many not only snoop, but also use things found in others’ bathrooms like brushes, combs, makeup, and even toothbushes! (Of course, using someone else’s shampoos and soaps when you’re a guest in their home is usually considered acceptable.)

Sometimes, Maybe You SHOULD Snoop!

Some (like Benjamin Dover) actually advise you to snoop inside the medicine cabinet of your date… before things get too serious! According to Dover’s Dating Rule #1: “Always review the contents of someone’s medicine cabinet before you get too involved with them.”

It’s worth taking a look in their medicine cabinet to see what sort of medications they’re taking. (It’s also a great way to verify their legal name if they have health insurance and are getting reimbursed for their pharmaceutical purchases.) Source

Here is one case in point.

 Remember this Southwest Airlines commercial where the girl was caught snooping in her boyfriend’s medicine cabinet? (…I jump every time I watch it!)


To Snoop, Or Not To Snoop

So, do you snoop?

I can remember doing it once (now I don’t remember who’s house or why), but I certainly don’t make a habit of doing so.

Here’s some interesting feedback from others regarding their snooping behaviors:

All in all, it seems like a rather harmless activity to take a peek inside someone else’s medicine cabinet.

And, one thing’s for sure… if you do, you’re certainly not alone!


For Those Who Love To Snoop

We salute you. (Yes, that’s an obscure reference to my favorite AC/DC song.)

But seriously, if snooping inside others’ medicine cabinets is your thing, then you’ll love these:

1. A Medicine Cabinet Slideshow featuring the contents of 14 (and counting!) peoples’ medicine cabinets!

It is a modern myth, as well as a fact of life. Other people’s bathroom cabinet’s are sinfully interesting. Share yours and take a peek in other’s. A mysterious bottle? Four kinds of conditioner? A space age electric toothbrush? Put them all here. And invite other people whose cabinets you’re interested in. Source

2. A one-of-a-kind art gallery that features only photographs of medicine cabinets.

Artist Coke Wisdom O’Neal did the dirty work for you and photographed the medicine cabinets of friends, relatives, and strangers. Unheard of caches of Mario Badescu lotions, Preparation H, dentures, and Prozac — all in the name of contemporary art. Source

3. Okay, so that one’s not so “one-of-a-kind” after all… Here’s another one. This gallery of medicine cabinets is called “Shelf Life”.

‘Shelf Life’ provides a voyeuristic look into our home healthcare habits. Fifteen medicine cabinets — stocked with various prescription pharmaceuticals, health care and beauty products — were loaned to the exhibition by members of the public with annotations written anonymously by each contributor detailing intimate and personal accounts of their cabinet. Source


Snoop-Proof Your Medicine Cabinet Today

So there you have it.

If nothing else, perhaps today’s post will give you a little motivation to clean out your own medicine cabinet. If you’re anything like me, then you probably haven’t been in there in months… so it’s hard telling what you might find.

…Here’s to snoop-proofing the medicine cabinets of America!

Soon you won’t have to snoop in your friend’s medicine cabinet to see what he’s taking. You’ll be able to call up his medicines remotely with your cell phone or blackberry. Source

Now here’s an interesting concept: Blogs Are Like Medicine Cabinets (…who knew?!)


Fun Bathroom & Medicine Cabinet Pranks


Seinfeld’s “The Conversion” Episode From Season 5

From the Seinfeld episode titled “The Conversion” (Season 5) where Jerry spies a tube of fungicide in his date’s medicine cabinet and flips out:

Elaine: What were you doing opening her medicine cabinet?
Jerry: I didn’t open it. It was open. I just nudged it a little.
Elaine: You were snooping.
Jerry: I was not snooping. I did not break the seal. There was no breaking and entering. I wouldn’t do that.
Kramer: I would. I always open medicine cabinets.
Elaine: Well I trust people not to do that.
Kramer: Big mistake.

Here’s a place to download lots of Seinfeld episodes, including “The Conversion” from Season 5.