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I've had lots of great garage sales. I recently had my most successful yard sale ever. Made over $1,000! Here are 101 of my best yard sale tips... for FREE.

Home Depot Tuff Sheds... are they worth the cost? My review compares Heartland Sheds vs Tuff Shed. See why I ultimately chose the Home Depot shed house.

See how I made this DIY boot rack & bench out of a $5 wooden spool, some scrap wood, and paint. It's also useful for hanging kids muddy clothes on!

Moving into a new house? You're going to need some basic tools for small home projects! Here's a list of tools that I recommend. They're the ones I've used the most - after moving into my first home.

The garden wheelbarrow is much more than just a 1-wheel utility cart! Wheelbarrows have been beefed up, souped up, and even powered to take care of all your needs when doing projects around the house. Here are some things you can do with wheelbarrows that you might not think of.

What to men typically buy at garage sales? What unusual bargains are women looking for? What about teens? Here are some yard sale trends that I've noticed. Perhaps you can use this information to your advantage at your next yard sale.

Moving? Remodeling? Renovating?... Here are the Top 10 bathroom renovations that today's homeowners are concentrating on. If you're thinking about updating your bathroom, check here first for the best bathroom upgrades.

Home Depot Kids Workshops give young children hands-on experience participating in do-it-yourself home projects. Check out these kids!

Here are my favorite home and organization magazines. Some are women's magazines, but most are specifically related to home improvement and new home design. These are playing a big role in the process of building our new log home.