Why The Little Giant Ladder Is The Best Ladder We’ve Ever Used

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little-giant-ladder.jpg Have you ever used a Little Giant ladder before?

We did once.

We borrowed a friend’s Little Giant in order to do our exterior Spring cleaning around the house last year.

I’ve gotta say… it was the best thing we ever did in terms of getting the outside of our house up to par for the summer.

And, I was surprised by the number of features and the flexibility of this ladder!


Little Giant Highlights

Rated to 250 to 375 lbs (…depending on which ladder you choose)
Extremely sturdy, even on lumpy uneven ground
Makes it possible to reach very high places… safely
There are lots of fun accessories available (great for people who like gadgets – like me!)
Lightweight and easy to tote around
Fits in the car, so you don’t need a truck to haul it from one place to another (say, home to work, or an event you’re setting up for, or a friend’s house)
24 ladders in one!
With 24 different configurations, you can make it work in virtually any situation (4 different-sized A frame ladders, 6 staircase ladders, 3 ninety-degree ladders, 7 extension ladders, and 2 trestles for scaffolding)
Locks securely into place… there’s no question whether or not you’ve got the braces locked into position
Virtually indestructible; it can take a beating… while barely showing a scratch
So small and compact, you don’t need 2 people to carry or maneuver it — even when extended to its tallest rung
Highly adaptable to fit practically any situation or anything you need to reach
Unique tip & glide wheels make it a breeze to get the ladder from one point to another …by yourself!


I’m not the only one who thinks the Little Giant is a champ! Check out these interesting Little Giant videos & testimonials!


Times We Wished We’d Had The Little Giant Before

  • When we cleaned the gutters around our house before this. The Little Giant would’ve made this messy task a cinch each time.
  • When we trimmed the branches of our hedge apple tree several times over the past couple of years. It’s always been a chore for Jim to try & cut the branches while maintaining his balance on our old wooden ladder.
  • When we were painting the inside of our new home… including our ceilings. It would’ve been so much quicker and easier with a Little Giant.
  • When we attempted to paint the tall ceiling in the stairway — the end result looks kinda sloppy, since we didn’t have an adequate means of gaining height AND leverage for painting over stairs. At the time, we were wishing we had “one of those ladders we saw on TV”!

The Best Little Giant Accessories:

little-giant-stairs.jpg little-giant-platform.jpg little-giant-scaffolding.JPG

What We’ll Be Using The Little Giant For In The Future

  • When we prepare for our upcoming move – we’ll need to get the exterior of our home in tip top shape!
  • When we remove the algae and mildew that has built up on our vinyl siding — oddly enough, most of it is in very high places.
  • Getting the interior of our home up to shape prior to putting our house on the market (…I’ve noticed some spots that need repainted, and it’s amazing how those cobwebs make their way into such hard-to-reach places!)


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