How To Make A Unique Wall of Photos

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Check out this cool system of hanging photographs using wire, pulled taut across a span, from floor to ceiling, with small hardware holding the photos in place.


This would actually be a great system for hanging just about anything in a modern yet informal kind of way.

Think… kids’ artwork, Christmas cards, awards, concert tickets, and more!

This fun system of hanging photos was devised by alttext.

Check out his step-by-step instructions, plus a list of materials needed here.

It’s really simple to do, and something I look forward to trying in the near future.

Some interesting variations suggested by others:

iching says:

I use empty CD cases which gives the photograph a professional look. The cases can even be spread on the wall so that you can blow up a photograph without buying a huge printer. Velcro tabs are attached to the wall and CD case, which leaves almost no damage and at least no holes.

See an example here.

Outtacontext adds:

A variation on this is something we’ve used in our house: clothes pins and cord to hang our children’s drawings. We have one up in the hall and one that goes around the kitchen.

antonsiniorg added:

1. If you drill, drill only to one wall – less painting afterwards if you tire of it. 2. Put the wires vertically so they don’t bend out if any weight applied and you can use thinner wire also because the weight flows downwards. 3. You don’t need robust turnbuckles, or if you must use them you can use them at lower end. 4. Use paper clips to connect the photos from corners or middle.

BrightCrow says:

Instead of board, I plan to use cardboard covered in brown paper bags. I make notebooks from these materials and it has a nice finish. Instead of a clip, I plan to use paper photo corners.

Symbolizer says:

Great. Bought 3 aluminum clipboards to do something like this, but this is great for the kids room I think.

kiddynomite adds:

A great spin off on this would be a non-permanent installation for xmas cards. Don’t know exactly how the execution would go, but it would be a cool way to show all the cards you get and don’t know where to put.

mattymatt says:

For slightly less work and expense, you could use foam core instead of wood.


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