Police Warning: Do Not Park On Street

by Lynnette

Funny, kids

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This is too funny…

One of the (few) drawbacks to living in our subdivision is the disregard that many of our neighbors have for the Home Owners Association rule which states: “You are not permitted to park on the street.”

My reply: “Yeah, that’s why you paid for a TWO-car garage and an extra long (very expensive aggregate) driveway which can comfortably fit FOUR cars… You’ve got options, please use ’em!”

The reality: The “powers that be” at the Home Owners Association state that while it’s clearly a rule which all home owners must heed, they cannot enforce it, because these roads are city roads, and can only be patrolled and enforced by the local police.

(…such is why the following picture is so funny!)

Much to our surprise, we awoke Saturday morning to find this:

franklin_police_dept_warning.jpg…one of our neighbors (who also happens to be a Franklin Police Officer) frequently parks his car at the curb in front of his home — rather than in the garage or driveway — and he received the very first Warning for parking on the street in our neighborhood!

Why You Shouldn’t Park On The Street
Car parked on the street in a Franklin subdivision. What makes this particular situation doubly annoying is the fact that his home sits at an intersection, thus it’s often tricky when you’re pulling off of one street and onto the other — trying not to hit his car, or trying to simply see around his car. You wonder:

…”Is that a MOVING vehicle, or is it just parked there?”

…”Is there a child playing on the other side of that car who might dart out into the street?”

…”Can I get past that parked car on the street before the OTHER car that’s coming toward me gets to me?” (Thus, not only are you now dodging PARKED cars on the curbsides, you’re also forced to dodge MOVING cars on the road!)

Please Don’t Park On The Street
Now, don’t get me wrong, I like my neighbors… a lot.

In fact, I don’t even know this guy or his family, but I’m sure they’re fine upstanding citizens who are proud to call Franklin their home.

The point is simply this: Please don’t park on the street.

Ours ISN’T a neighborhood with wide streets. Ours IS a neighborhood with a lot of cars, a lot of kids, and a lot of pets.

If you’re parking on the street, you’re making our neighborhood LESS safe, LESS friendly, and LESS inviting to visitors and future homeowners.

Warning sticker placed on a police car parked on the street in our subdivision. When homeowners park on the road like this, it makes it difficult to get to and from your own home safely while dodging all the cars parked along the curbs. Some of them are even parked facing the wrong way. And in case you were wondering… yes, THAT is illegal!