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Correct toilet paper roll direction is ‘down from the top’ according to the original TP roll patent! Facts about bathroom behaviors + toilet paper usage.

Some fun and creative ways to fold bathroom towels into unique shapes, including animals.

Lost your owner's manual? Need another repair manual? Looking for an old furniture assembly manual? Find user manuals and repair guides here...

Do you snoop inside medicine cabinets? Should you? Believe it or not, there may be a good reason to snoop inside your friend's medicine cabinet these days! Here are some interesting facts about this and other odd bathroom behavior, plus some funny bathroom pranks!

Raking leaves is a pain alright, but I have to admit, I've never considered mowing the sidewalks!

If you're parking on the street, you're making our neighborhood LESS safe, LESS friendly, and LESS inviting to visitors and future homeowners. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't park on the street. Plus photos!

You've probably seen them hanging out in people's yards. Truthfully, I never understood the whole Bag-a-Bug concept... that is, until WE needed to use them! Here's why we swear by the bug bags...