My Review Of The DIY Superior Bidet Attachment (…I’ve Always Wanted To Have A Bathroom Bidet Toilet!)

When the folks at Superior Bidet asked if I’d be interested in trying their top of the line easy-to-attach bathroom bidet, I jumped at the chance.

I only agree to review products that I would actually use — and I’ve wanted to try a bidet for years!

It seems like such a clean, refreshing, and simple way to clean yourself after using the bathroom.

My thought was… after trying this DIY add-on bidet, I’d have a better idea of whether or not we would be interested in buying a full-size bidet toilet for our house. (It’s a luxury item that I’ve had my eye on for awhile now.)

My husband installed this DIY toilet bidet attachment on our master bathroom toilet.

I also think a bidet attachment like this would be a nice idea for:

  • Someone who is overweight or cannot reach far enough to wipe properly.
  • Forgetful or elderly people who might not be as interested in their own personal hygiene.
  • Someone who has broken their dominant hand or arm. (My hubby learned this firsthand when he broke his arm in a motorcycle accident.)
  • Anyone with arthritis or a loss of dexterity in the fingers or hand.

Here’s an interesting demonstration showing why wiping with toilet paper is not as effective as cleaning with water.

Following is my detailed review of the Superior Bidet Supreme — it’s a high-quality bidet attachment that turns your regular toilet into a bidet toilet!

Pros – Good Things About This Bidet Attachment

Following are the things that I like best about this add-on bidet:

  • This is our elongated toilet seat - you can see the bolts that hold it onto the toilet bowl.It works with all makes and models of toilet seats. It doesn’t matter if you have a round toilet seat, an oblong (elongated) toilet seat, or even an RV toilet!
  • No electricity or batteries are required. It works with water pressure only — so simple! You select the pressure of the spray by turning the knob more the right or more to the left.
  • It looks high quality and professional — rather than cheap and plasticy like add-ons typically look.
  • You don’t need to buy any extra parts to attach this DIY bathroom bidet. You just need a screwdriver and a wrench!
  • The Superior Bidet is super easy to turn on and off while seated on the toilet. You don’t have to turn around or reach high up on the toilet tank in order to operate this bidet attachment. It’s simply a matter of reaching to your right thigh area and turning the dial/knob (at seat-level, where you can easily see it) to the right to clean the rear or to the left to clean the front.
  • There’s a cleaning dial (right next to the front/rear dial) on this add-on bidet that allows you to quickly and easily clean the spray nozzles before and/or after each use. The self cleaning jet shoots water straight down to clean the nozzles.
  • Works for males and females. I thought my husband would turn his nose up when I asked him to help me install this bidet attachment — but he didn’t. Turns out he was just as interested in seeing if it would clean easier or better than toilet paper as I was!
  • The Superior Bidet attachment has 2 separate spray nozzles to reach the front and back separately, on demand.
  • The spray nozzles retract — so they’re entirely encased and protected on all sides within a large plastic shield when not in use. (That way, if someone has a ‘blowout’ in the bathroom, the nozzles won’t get splashed.) The only time the nozzles are exposed is when the bidet is actually turned ON.
  • You can select the angle of the spray by tiling that nozzle plate forward or backward. (As I’ve already mentioned, you select the pressure of the spray by turning the front/rear knob more the right or more to the left.)
  • It’s environmentally friendly and drastically reduces the amount of toilet paper you need to buy. (Since we use toilet paper to pat dry after using the bidet each time and we aren’t using a bidet attachment like this in our guest bathroom, yes, we do still buy toilet paper.)

Here’s a money-saving idea:

When you use a bidet, you may still need a sheet or two of toilet paper to dry yourself (unless yours has a built-in dryer), but that is a tiny fraction of what you would need to clean yourself. This can easily be done using reusable cloths made from cut up flannel, sheets, or even an old t-shirt, too. — Dr. Mercola

  • Once you attach it to your toilet seat, there is nothing more to do to maintain this bidet attachment over time. It is self-cleaning and doesn’t require any filters, electricity, batteries, or anything else.
  • If you get a new toilet (or you want to move the Superior Bidet to another toilet in your home), it’s easy to remove and attach it to a different toilet reusing the exact same parts.
  • Even if you’re renting a house or apartment, you can use this DIY bidet attachment while you’re there, and take it with you when you leave. There will be no trace at all that an add-on bidet was one installed there.
  • If your toilet is located in a very small powder room like ours is, it will still work! (I swear we have the smallest powder room I’ve ever seen.) The control knobs extend about 5 inches out from the left side of the toilet seat (which is the right side as you’re seated).

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Cons – Downsides About This Add-On Bidet

None of these things is a deal breaker or a reason I’d avoid buying a bidet attachment like this one. These are simply things that I thought were worth pointing out — the closest to “cons” or downsides” that I could think of:

  • Instructions are included for how to install this bidet attachment, but no instructions are included for how to actually use it. For example, we had to figure out these things on our own:
    • Hubby reading the Superior Bidet instructionsHow important it is that the nozzles be centered in the middle of your toilet seat (and can quickly become uncentered while attaching the bidet and toilet seat to the actual toilet)
    • How to regulate the pressure of the water spray
    • How to change the angle of the spray

This would’ve been helpful to know during installation:

The plastic shield that protects both Front and Rear cleaning nozzles is fully adjustable, by pushing it back or forward you can drastically change the angle of the spray. It can be adjusted at any time making this one of the most versatile bidet attachment models you will find in the market. —Superior Bidet

  • Other than tilting the nozzle plate more forward or backward as previously mentioned, you can’t adjust the angle of the nozzles themselves. Instead, you adjust yourself on the toilet (sit more toward the front / back, or sit more to the right / left) for “spot cleaning”.
  • They say you can “install it in minutes.” For hubby and I, it was closer to 1 hour. The reason: at first we couldn’t get the toilet seat bolts tight enough to prevent it from loosening every time we sat on the seat with the bidet underneath the toilet seat as instructed. And it took a few tries to get the nozzles perfectly centered so they would spray precisely where they should. We eventually got it right.

TIP: If you’re going to turn the knob to “test” the spray nozzles before sitting on the toilet, be sure to hold a full-size bath towel up to catch the spray — otherwise, you’ll shoot water clear across the room! (Trust me on this.)

  • At first I was a little intimidated to use this bidet attachment. I mean, the blast of water is super powerful — I guess that’s so it can reach the parts it needs to reach and effectively clean those areas. Yes, you can turn the pressure from low to high, but it’s still a powerful spray.
  • In order to have warm water, you need to have a pedestal sink within a few feet of the toilet. (We don’t – ours is in a powder room in our master bathroom.) If you have a vanity sink, you’d have to drill through the cabinet in order to attach the bidet to your hot water faucet.
  • Without using the hot water function (we aren’t, for the reason mentioned above), it’s a cool blast of water that hits you. It’s not too uncomfortable… just noticeable (and not something you want to do for too long).
  • I was looking forward to feeling “shower clean” after using the Superior Bidet. In theory, I do. HOWEVER (and this is a big deal)… I usually dry myself after a shower. But there is not a drying feature on this bidet attachment. It’s not a great feeling having a wet bottom right afterwards — so I still use toilet paper to quickly pat dry after using the Superior Bidet. (Hubby said he does too.)
  • I’ve discovered that if I’m going to reach for the toilet paper to “dry” the front, then I might as well just wipe the front with toilet paper in the first place! For that reason, I only use this bidet attachment for rear cleaning. (And I really do like how effectively the water alone works… compared to using toilet paper.)
  • As a female, I wonder about the likelihood of water sprayed at the rear inadvertently splashing the front at the same time — thus increasing the possibility of a UTI. There are “experts” talking about both sides of the issue online, but nothing solid in terms of research. In my experience while using this bidet attachment, my front definitely gets splashed when I’m only activating the rear nozzle.
  • Initially, I was excited that I’d “never have to use toilet paper again.” But that definitely won’t be the case — for the reason mentioned above (needing to pat dry after each use). The folks at Superior Bidet say, “It cuts down on toilet paper consumption by 75% to 100%“… which I think is much more accurate.

At first blush, it might seem like the extra water a bidet uses with each flush would be wasteful. But compared to the manufacturing of toilet paper, a bidet is gentler on the environment. According to one estimate, it takes 37 gallons of water to create a single roll of toilet paper, and Tushy reports that Americans use 57 sheets of toilet paper every day. Compare that to the 1.3 gallons of water a week it takes for the typical user to splash themselves with the bidet, and the winner is clear. —Mental Floss

  • The Superior Bidet is only available in the color white. So if you happen to have an off-white colored toilet, this bidet attachment won’t match perfectly — but I don’t really think a white bidet attachment would be an eyesore either.
  • It’s only available with the knobs/controls on the right side of the toilet seat — so lefties will have to get used to using their right hand to turn the bidet on/off.

A closeup of the Superior Bidet control panel - on the righthand side while seated on the toilet.

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The Bottom Line…

I’ll be honest, I had no idea there were so many easy-to-attach bathroom bidets on the market these days!

I mean, I knew about bidet toilets… but not about bidet attachments. So I am thrilled to have found this simple DIY solution that turns your regular toilet into a bidet toilet.

After my personal experience with the folks at Superior Bidet …AND after seeing how responsive and transparent they are when answering customers’ questions online …AND trying their bidet attachment firsthand, I can honestly say that I highly recommend this particular bidet attachment.

I hope that you’ve found the pros and cons I’ve listed helpful when deciding if you might want to try an add-on bidet or not.

The bidet may be making an emergence in the US as a ‘luxury’ item, but once you try it you’ll view it more as a necessity. Most people I know who’ve tried one love it and only wish they’d gotten one sooner. —Dr. Mercola

Here’s a frank discussion about the wrong and right way to use a bidet.

Oh, and here’s another interesting thing I learned about the Superior Bidet Supreme:

This is what the Superior Bidet attachment looks like with the toilet seat up.This bidet can in fact be used as an enema and is much less intrusive than a conventional enema. This bidet instead uses a powerful narrow stream of water that comes from the wash nozzle. There is no contact whatsoever with the nozzle, keep in mind that you only get this result if you adjust the water pressure knob to a higher intensity. We recommend gradually adjusting the water pressure always and especially while you get used to your bidet. While I am not sure just how vertical of a stream you seek, we can guarantee that this is one of the most versatile bidet attachment models you will find in the market. The reason being, that all of our Superior Bidet models have adjustable nozzles which adapt to any body type and give you the flexibility to adjust the nozzle to your liking. It can be more horizontal of a spray or more vertical. —Superior Bidet

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