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Eraser Daddy Review: Scrubbing Power Without Scratching (Like Scrub Daddy Sponges) + Soft Wiping Power (Like Magic Erasers)

My husband calls me the sponge expert because I've tried practically every sponge under the sun. I definitely have my favorites (Sponge Mommy sponges and Magic Erasers). When the Eraser Daddy sponge hit the market, I couldn't wait to try it! Here's my review of this 2-sided sponge -- it's a Scrub Daddy sponge on 1 side and a melamine sponge on the other.

My Review Of 2 Scrub Daddy Sponge Holders: The Official Scrub Daddy Caddy AND The Scrub Daddy Sponge Caddy

Scrub Daddy makes 2 sponge holders that fit their smiley face sponges known as Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy. Both the Scrub Daddy Caddy and the Scrub Daddy Sponge Caddy will keep your Scrub Daddies and Mommies out of the way — but still close at hand in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower. This type of sponge holder also helps the smiley face sponge air-dry faster. I keep one in my shower and one in my kitchen sink.