How To Fold Fitted Sheets… And More!

Here are step-by-step instructions, plus videos, showing how to fold 20 different things! That’s where I found the video instructions for folding sheets like Martha Stewart… and the video instructions for folding fitted sheets better than Martha Stewart! Now it’s time to go give it a try…

Warning: Do This NOW To Prevent A Fire In Your Clothes Dryer!

Clothes taking a long time to dry in your clothes dryer? There may be a buildup of lint that you cannot reach. Here’s what you need to do today to make your clothes dryer run more efficiently AND prevent a fire in your clothes dryer at the same time!

How To Deep Clean Your House – Inside And Out!

Here are a few tips from a professional housecleaner to help you deep clean your home. Doing all of these things will give your home a thorough deep cleaning and get it in the proper condition for selling, moving in, or moving out.

Turn Old T-Shirts Into A Cool Quilt

Got t-shirts? We all do… Some — like those from concerts & sporting events — have never even been worn at all. They’re simply stored away as mementos or souvenirs. Now there’s a company that will turn all of your precious old t-shirts into a one-of-a-kind custom quilt or duvet cover!