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I've used Essential Oils for years for their Aromatherapy properties. Here are the basics of Aromatherapy and how to get started with Essential Oils.

Doorstops are easy to make! See 9 makeshift door stoppers using everyday household items + 7 DIY door stop tutorials + 16 of the most unique door stops on Amazon

You can get organized without spending a dime by making your own DIY organizers. Amazing DIY organization ideas & repurposing tips. Get organized for FREE!

See how I made this DIY boot rack & bench out of a $5 wooden spool, some scrap wood, and paint. It's also useful for hanging kids muddy clothes on!

You need a detailed inventory of all your belongings in the event of a natural disaster or theft. Create your own personal inventory using one of these FREE home inventory programs, apps, and printable forms. (You don't have to use a home inventory app. I'll show you how to save your home inventory in the cloud!)

A list of a zillion great uses for Mr Clean Magic Erasers from people who actually use them. See what makes a Magic Eraser cleaning block work & what this magic sponge is made of.

If you've got a shoe collection that's out of control, and you want to organize your shoes to make it easier to find exactly the pair you want each time, following are some great ideas. Some fun ways to organize shoes in your home and KEEP them organized!

Some fun and creative ways to fold bathroom towels into unique shapes, including animals.

What to men typically buy at garage sales? What unusual bargains are women looking for? What about teens? Here are some yard sale trends that I've noticed. Perhaps you can use this information to your advantage at your next yard sale.