How To Do Cute Towel Foldings & Other Creative Ways To Fold Towels To Impress Your Guests

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towel-origami-book.jpgI’ve heard it called ‘towel origami’ before.

Personally, I’ve always referred to it as ‘cute folded towels’ or ‘fun towel foldings’ or ‘unique ways cruise ships fold towels’.

I’ve been keeping a collection of creatively folded towel photos for some time now.

I think it’s time to share them with others.



My Photos Of Cute Folded Towels

I’ve been on 2 different cruises with 2 different cruise lines:

Unfortunately, I didn’t take very many pictures of the cleverly folded towel shapes that the bedroom stewards made for us each time they cleaned our cabin.

My photos are here:

Elephant Shaped Towel Folding

Elephant formed from folded towels. Photo ©2004 Jim & Lynnette's Fun Times Guide //
On our cruise, we came back to our room one day and found this cute little elephant sitting in a pair of shoes.


Jamaican Man Created With Folded Towels & An Ashtray

Towel art on a cruise. Photo ©2004 Jim & Lynnette's Fun Times Guide //

This little Jamaican man wearing an ashtray hat appeared in our room during our cruise to the Bahamas.


Those are just a couple of examples of the ‘towel art’ the maids leave behind for you in your cabin when you’re on a cruise. They know how to do magical things with towels by shaping them into creative little creatures!


Other Photos Of Cute Folded Towel Animals

Others have created some wonderful collections of creatively folded towels.

Those photos are here:

how-to-make-a-towel-monkey-book.jpgCruise Ship Towel Animals

Spluch Towel Foldings

Disney Cruise Towel Animals

Slideshow: Cruise Towels


My personal favorites are:

Towels folded into the shape of a pig



Dinosaur towel folding



Adorable bunny rabbit towel critter



A cool dude made from towels



Towel folded like a stingray



Penguin towel buddy



Puppy dog towel critter

dog-towel-folding  cool-dog-towel-folding


Swan towel folding



DIY Towel Folding Videos

In addition to these step-by-step instructions for towel folding, here are some videos to help you create animal shapes out of towels yourself:


How to make a towel monkey…


How to make an elephant out of folded towels…


Another elephant made by a Carnival cruise staff member…


Watch ‘the towel expert’ turn a towel into a shirt…

Now this is just funny…

Leave this for room service when you check out of your room!