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Keep your home fur free with a robot vacuum. See how well they work on stairs, hardwood floors, carpet tassels, around objects, and with pet hair. Photos & videos tell the whole story!

Know someone who moved? Or spends a lot of time at home? You've come to the right place to find something special for them this year! I own most of these!

I have both, an A8 model and a V8 model of the iLife robot vacuum. (They're about half the price of a Roomba!) I use the A8 upstairs and the V8 downstairs. See my pros & cons of a robot vacuum cleaner vs. a traditional upright vacuum cleaner. And see how well the wet mopping feature works on this auto vacuum cleaner.

House Beautiful interviewed 14 top designers. In addition to their favorite design styles & products, they share all of the cleaning supplies they like best.

I've used an Oreck for 13 years. Researched Dyson vacuums for 3 years. Bought a Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum for 1/4th the price & 10 times the quality!

Is the battery-powered Bona Motion mop better than the original Bona hardwood floor mop? My review of the Bona Motion spray mop with sonic cleaning power.

For the past 12 years, I've been using an Oreck compact canister handheld vacuum that's on it's last legs. I set out to find a better hand vac. Here are the best hand vacs I found for hardwood floors - especially pet hair and stairs.

What is the shelf life of cleaning supplies?... Check here... photo by Collin Anderson on Flickr

Here's how long household products last -- like cleaners, electronics, furniture, bedding, carpet, and rugs.

I am a professional house cleaner and I have come up with a 2-step method for cleaning hardwood floors that is the fastest for me and gives the best results without all of the excess work. Here are my best tips for cleaning hardwood floors.