Moving/Buying/Selling A Home

Going to be moving, buying, or selling a house soon? Here, homeowners are sharing their favorite tips for those who like to do things themselves, instead of hiring a professional. If you’re going to hire a professional to help you buy/sell the house and move your belongings to your new residence, we’ve got some expert tips and firsthand experience with that too!

Home Inspections: What You Need To Know

If you’re buying or selling a home, do you really need to hire a home inspector? If so, who pays… the buyer or the seller? Here’s what you need to know about home inspections and how to find a good home inspector.

9 Moving Tips For Those Who Have Pets

Got a dog or a cat and a move in your future? Here are some tips for helping pets transition through a move. With a little preparation ahead of time, your pet can be comfortable for your upcoming move.

House Staging Tips: The Most Important Things You Should Do

If the home you’re selling is brand new — or a flip — you should count on spending 1% of your home’s asking price on home staging. In return, you can expect to get 10 times that back. Still, home staging is quite an elusive creature. How exactly do you stage a home? What are all the items in the home you need to look at? How much does it really cost to stage a home?

Moving Insurance: Do You Need It? What Does It Cover?

Moving insurance is one of those things that people usually think they can get by without. After all, your moving or relocation company will cover any damage or destruction of your property while it’s being moved and during transit. Right? Well, not exactly.

Moving Blankets: What You Should Know Before You Buy or Rent Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are the those large thick blankets and pads that you see professional movers using to cushion your furniture and boxes while they move your items into their trucks. The blankets keep your things from getting damaged. But, should you buy or rent moving blankest… here’s what you need to know.

5 Creative Ways To Sell Your House Fast!

As a homeowner, you have to get creative about the ways you attempt to sell your home, since homes aren’t selling very fast on their own these days. Here are some creative ways to sell your house fast.