Moving/Buying/Selling A Home

Going to be moving, buying, or selling a house soon? Here, homeowners are sharing their favorite tips for those who like to do things themselves, instead of hiring a professional. If you’re going to hire a professional to help you buy/sell the house and move your belongings to your new residence, we’ve got some expert tips and firsthand experience with that too!

6 Ways To Save Money When Moving

Most of us have had to pack up and move at least once in our lives. And, this isn’t always the most fun experience. Plus, it can be downright expensive to move. I recently moved myself, and I learned a few interesting things along the way — some of them the hard way. So, if you don’t have the extra money to pay for movers to come and pack up your stuff and move it for you, then you’ll enjoy these money-saving tips.

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Police Warning: Do Not Park On Street

If you’re parking on the street, you’re making our neighborhood LESS safe, LESS friendly, and LESS inviting to visitors and future homeowners. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t park on the street. Plus photos!