How To Remove Stubborn Bathtub Stains Like Hair Dye And Other Permanent Inks And Dyes

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hair-dye-stained-tubGot an email from a visitor to this site the other day:

I’m hoping you could give us some insight here. Our son used a permanent purple hair dye, and very badly stained our vinyl tub surround [it’s BRAND new] that is only 6 months old. We no longer have the manufacturers info on the tub, so ANY help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for having the site. — M.W.


Since I seem to be on a mission to document every possible way that Magic Erasers can be used to solve unique problems around the house (see below), I thought I’d share.

Perhaps others can use this info, should you happen to get a bad stain in a bathroom tub surround.

My reply to M.W:

The only thing I can think of is Magic Erasers. Have you tried that yet? I know that’s one of the first things I’d be trying, if the stain were in my tub.

The only thing I don’t know is the eraser’s likelihood of dulling the finish on the tub. I doubt it, but I’m just not sure. So try in a small spot first.

Here are lists of all the unusual stains & places that Magic Erasers have worked wonders:


M.W. wrote back:

Thank You Lynnette. YES, the magic erasers worked in conjunction w/ a store brand ‘resolve’ carpet cleaner. In fact , it even came out of the grout & caulking!!! Saved a brand new bathtub!!! My fiance only moved into the home 4 months ago. When he moved in, the tub and sinks STILL had the stickers in them!! Thank You for getting back to me. Have a great day.

By the way, based on M.W.’s experience, I presume this means that Magic Erasers would also work well at removing permanent marker stains (and other products with dyes in them) from the bath tubs and sinks.