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Are Home Depot Tuff Sheds Good? My Wood Tuff Shed Review (Compared To Heartland Sheds From Lowes)

Are you trying to compare Home Depot Tuff Sheds vs. Heartland Sheds from Lowes? I did all the research so you don’t have to! Before I bought my wood Tuff Shed, I thoroughly explored all the options regarding Home Depot sheds and Lowes sheds. In this article, I answer the following questions: How much does a Tuff Shed cost? Do you need a permit to put up a Tuff Shed? What are the similarities and differences between the Home Depot Tuff Shed vs. Heartland Shed from Lowes? Are Tuff Sheds good and would you buy one again? What is the Tuff Shed installation process like? Why is a wood shed better than a metal shed or plastic shed?

Outlet Cover Night Lights: These Space-Saving LED Night Light Outlets Replace Your Regular Outlet Covers (Leaving Your Outlet Plugs Free For Other Things!)

I found the most modern night lights ever! You can replace a regular wall outlet cover with an LED night light outlet cover... using just a screwdriver. I did! No more plug-in night lights -- so all my outlets are still free for other things! Here are 3 things to know before you get an outlet cover night light.