How To Drain A Water Heater (…And Fill It Too)

You should drain your water heater once or twice a year, otherwise sediment will collect in your water heater — resulting in less hot water and a less efficient water heater. Here’s how to drain and fill your water heater.

How To Insulate Your Water Heater

There is one very simple thing you can do to help save on your energy bills each month: insulate your water heater! Here’s how to insulate your water heater, using step-by-step instructions.

How To Deep Clean Your House – Inside And Out!

Here are a few tips from a professional housecleaner to help you deep clean your home. Doing all of these things will give your home a thorough deep cleaning and get it in the proper condition for selling, moving in, or moving out.

Garages Aren’t For Cars Anymore

Next on my list of ‘subdivision pet peeves’ is this: People don’t use their garages for parking cars in anymore! Why? See why here…