How To Fold Towels & Keep Them Hanging Straight In Your Bathroom

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I’ve written about some of the clever ways to fold things like shirts, napkins, and sheets.

I’ve also shown you some fun ways to fold towels into creative shapes and animals.

Now, it’s time for the most practical folding technique that everyone can use on a daily basis: how to fold towels & keep them looking great when they’re hanging on the towel rack!



How To Fold Towels & Hang Them Nicely

The following how-to videos show you some unique ways to make a great impression with your house guests.

And, if you follow these instructions, then you’ll also experience less frustration when it comes to the towels currently hanging in your bathroom and those currently stacked on shelves!


Three ways to fold towels for stacking in your linen closet or bathroom shelf:



An interesting way to keep a towel hanging straight, even after you use it to dry your hands:



Another way to hang towels — especially if you have kids — is to add a loop inside the towel, or just drape towels over wall hooks:


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