DIY Porch Makeover: See How I Turned Our Small Front Porch Into A Cozy Outdoor Living Space With Breezy Porch Curtains!

We have a small front porch, but it gets a good breeze and provides a nice place for the baby and dogs to play outside. Outdoor living spaces are important to me — so our front porch is the first place I decided to tackle with a makeover! See how I transformed our small boring porch into a cabana-like space — complete with porch curtains, a walk-through baby gate, wireless speaker, area rug, and much more.

We Got A ThermoSpas Hot Tub… Our First Hot Tub Ever!

I never thought I would be the owner of a hot tub. Much to my surprise, I’m actually extremely glad that we got a hot tub, and a ThermoSpas one a that! Jim is, too. Here’s a little about how we became sold on ThermoSpas and felt that we just had to have a one of their hot tubs…