DIY Home Security: A Burglar’s 3 Main Targets And How You Can Avoid Being One Of Them

The Burglar

It may seem strange to think of it this way, but a burglar is a professional. He's got his tools, his uniform, and his hours. And, like all professionals, he sees the world a certain way. For example, city planners can't drive down a street without thinking about its size and placement. I'm a copywriter, so I'm always critiquing advertisements. A burglar sweeps his laser gaze over every house he passes, searching for signs that it'll be his next big score. But what exactly are those signs? … [Read more...]

DIY Home Security Tips – Simple Ways To Burglar-Proof Your House


Did you know that there is a burglary in a home, apartment or condominium every 15 seconds. In fact, according to FBI statistics, 60% of burglaries occur while the home is occupied! So, there's no time like the present to make your home as secure from thieves as possible. Right? Following are the best things you can do to prevent your home from being broken into...   … [Read more...]

WARNING: Today’s Popular Ionization Smoke Detectors Often Don’t Even Sound Their Alarms!


They say that Ionization smoke detectors don't work as well as Photoelectric smoke detectors. Who knew? In fact, I didn't realize there was even a difference in smoke detectors. I just figured a smoke detector is a smoke detector. But no... Tests conducted by WTHR, local fire departments, university researchers and government scientists all show that in some slow burning fires, Ionization smoke alarms do not sound at all. Source The sad truth is... with an Ionization smoke detector, … [Read more...]