Scrub Daddy Uses: 50+ Creative Ways To Use A Scrub Daddy Sponge


Much like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser's many uses, I've found a number unique uses for Scrub Daddy spongesĀ as well. If you're not already familiar with the Scrub Daddy sponge, it's a popular kitchen scrubber that changes texture in hot water vs cold water. When it's super-cold or perfectly dry, it's a coarse and powerful heavy-duty scrubber. When it's warm or hot, it's a soft and pliable light-duty scrubber. Scrub Daddy adapts/converts to the perfect texture -- either soft (hot) or … [Read more...]

Bacteria Alert: How To Easily Clean A Jacuzzi Bathtub Or Whirlpool Tub (Hot Tub Bath With Air Jets)


We all know what a dirty bathtub ring looks like. Now imagine what that scum buildup is doing inside the jet plumbing of your Jacuzzi style bathtub! Sure, you can clean the bathtub itself, but once you start up the air jets all kinds of nasty looking bits and specks will come floating to the surface if you don't properly clean the jets themselves and the interior plumbing system. That's right, the jets and pipes behind your jet tub can quickly become contaminated with all sorts of … [Read more...]

Getting To Know Our ThermoSpas Hot Tub: From Delivery To Daily Spa Therapy


Earlier, I told you how we decided on ThermoSpas for our very first hot tub. Now, I'll share a little bit of inside scoop about the ThermoSpa hot tub delivery process. It wasn't exactly as we thought it would be. That doesn't mean it was a 'bad' experience -- just different than we initially thought. The good news is, we're thrilled with our ThermoSpa hot tub and we've used it every day since we got it (...except for a few days when we were out of town). This is what our backyard looked like -- … [Read more...]

We Got A ThermoSpas Hot Tub… Our First Hot Tub Ever!

Jim and I always want to call it "ThermaSpa"(with an "a"), but technically the company name is ThermoSpas (with an "o" and usually plural). Confusing name, but their hot tubs are a supurb quality and we couldn't be happier that we are the proud new owners of a ThermoSpa hot tub. I just thought I'd share a little about how we were introduced to ThermoSpas and why we think they make some of the best hot tubs around.   I'm Not Really The Hot Tub Type By the way, I never thought I … [Read more...]