Bathroom Secrets: Do You Snoop Inside Medicine Cabinets?

Do you snoop inside medicine cabinets? Should you? Believe it or not, there may be a good reason to snoop inside your friend’s medicine cabinet these days! Here are some interesting facts about this and other odd bathroom behavior, plus some funny bathroom pranks!

Unsold Flowers, Trees & Shrubs Available To You For FREE!

Have you wondered what happens to the plants that nurseries don’t sell? They are typically destroyed, what a waste that is! A company called Free Trees and Plants rescues unsold plants and offers them to the public for FREE — you only pay postage and handling. Here are the details…

Home Depot Kids Workshops

Home Depot Kids Workshops give young children hands-on experience participating in do-it-yourself home projects. Check out these kids!

Kids’ Toys Kicked To The Curb…

It bugs me when some many ‘working’ items are simply kicked to the curb on trash pick up day, rather than donated to places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army… or better yet, passed on to your own neighbors, friends, and relatives.