The Shelf Life Of Household Products & Cleaning Supplies – See How Long Things Last (Typically)

What's the shelf life of cleaning supplies?... Check here... photo by Collin Anderson on Flickr

Earlier, I wrote about the life expectancy of home components -- things like appliances, doors, flooring, faucets and fixtures.That got me wondering about the shelf life of other common things within our house -- like cleaning products and electronics.So I set out to see what I could find about how long other things last... How Long Household Products & Cleaners LastHere's what Real Simple says about the shelf life of common household products like cleaners and items … [Read more...]

Staging Your Home For Sale: What To Do With Rooms You Don’t Use

Unused rooms can cause a bit of a dilemma when it comes to staging your home for sale.While having an extra room in your house designated simply for storage or for use as a play area may be a good idea for your own living situation, a potential home buyer may find it difficult to see that room as usable.That's why any rooms that are currently being used as a catch-all for storage or toys (as well as those that you don't use at all and are completely empty) should be decorated in such a … [Read more...]

Hampton Inn Pillows… Worth Every Down-Filled Moment!


One of the craziest things we ever did... (also one of the best things we ever did!) was to purchase 2 sets of down pillows from Hilton Hotels.Yep, they're the same pillows they use in their hotels... plush, and huge, and over-stuffed. Ahhhh!Here's how it all happened...  … [Read more...]