DIY Tips For Making Your Own Foaming Soap Refills + Prettier Foam Soap Pump Bottles

I used to spend a fortune on those foaming soap dispensers filled with Dawn dishwashing soap! Not any more. Now I refill those pump bottles with my own homemade foaming soap. Here’s how to make foaming soap. Plus, how to make your foaming soap bottles look much more attractive on your kitchen counter!


How To Restore Shine To A Marble Countertop Or Bathroom Vanity That Is Scratched & Dull

If you’ve ever had a marble countertop — either cultured marble or solid marble — then you know how easily they can be damaged. Normal wear and tear alone can leave your countertop or vanity looking less than stellar, mostly due to minor scratches. Here’s how to restore the color and shine to your marble countertop or vanity sink.

When It Pays To Hire A Professional For Home Repairs & Home Projects And When It’s Better To Do It Yourself

In the end, doing everything yourself will usually cost more — in terms of money, wasted time, and errors due to inexperience. Tackling too many DIY projects will also cost you in terms of the amount of time you could have spent with your family and the time you could have spent taking care of yourself.