How To Remove Stubborn Bathtub Stains Like Hair Dye And Other Permanent Inks And Dyes

hair-dye-stained-tubGot an email from a visitor to this site the other day:

I’m hoping you could give us some insight here. Our son used a permanent purple hair dye, and very badly stained our vinyl tub surround [it’s BRAND new] that is only 6 months old. We no longer have the manufacturers info on the tub, so ANY help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for having the site. — M.W.


Since I seem to be on a mission to document every possible way that Magic Erasers can be used to solve unique problems around the house (see below), I thought I’d share.

Perhaps others can use this info, should you happen to get a bad stain in a bathroom tub surround.

My reply to M.W:
The only thing I can think of is Magic Erasers. Have you tried that yet? I know that’s one of the first things I’d be trying, if the stain were in my tub.

The only thing I don’t know is the eraser’s likelihood of dulling the finish on the tub. I doubt it, but I’m just not sure. So try in a small spot first.

Here are lists of all the unusual stains & places that Magic Erasers have worked wonders:


M.W. wrote back:

Thank You Lynnette. YES, the magic erasers worked in conjunction w/ a store brand ‘resolve’ carpet cleaner. In fact , it even came out of the grout & caulking!!! Saved a brand new bathtub!!! My fiance only moved into the home 4 months ago. When he moved in, the tub and sinks STILL had the stickers in them!! Thank You for getting back to me. Have a great day.

By the way, based on M.W.’s experience, I presume this means that Magic Erasers would also work well at removing permanent marker stains (and other products with dyes in them) from the bath tubs and sinks.

Lynnette Walczak

Lynnette Walczak

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  • Clara_wyant

    O MY GOD!! i am SO glad i found this! I remember that taking dye out of our walls and sinks but i NEVER thought to use it on a bathtub, i just dyed ALL of my hair purple and i’ve never had a problem with the rinse out staining the tub EVER till i switched brands and omg the tub is BLUE and PURPLE! BADLY we rent omg i’m so trying this if my landlord see’s this he’s going to have a COW