Top 10 Cool & Unusual Gift Ideas I Found on HGTV

purse-hat-scarf-hanger.jpg I was watching HGTV the other day… probably an episode of “I Want That” or something similar. And I remembered seeing an interesting new product called the Purse Pal.

What’s cool about it is the fact that not only does it give you a place to put your purse — so it’s always within your sight and up off the floor — it also gives you a place to put your other things like your hat, your scarf, your gloves, and your shopping bags when you’re out & about.

Plus, it’s small and compact, so it’s easy to tote along whenever you’re out shopping or traveling.

That one product intrigued me enough to want to check out HGTV’s database of unusual products & ideas.

I found some even better one-of-a-kind items!…

HGTV Features Unique Products


By the way, if you’ve never seen the show “I Want That“… I’d encourage you to check it out. Each show features a dozen or so truly unique items most people haven’t seen anywhere else.

It’s fun! And if nothing else, it might give you some ideas…

Fun Stuff & Gift Ideas Seen On HGTV

1. Toilet Tank Fish Tank


A fish tank for the bathroom that’s actually flushable! (It has a separate tank, so the flushes don’t disturb the fish.)

2. Photo Tissue Box Holder


Got snot? Then you need this. Personalize it with your own photo!

3. Credit Card Sized Thumb Drive


This wallet memory card is great because it’s the first of its kind that will fit in your purse or wallet without getting damaged. It’s lightweight and thin, making it a cinch to take anywhere!

4. Magnetic Pin Clock


3,000 individual pins use a mechanism to lift and retract the pins to register the time of the day. The minutes click ahead with a sound that evokes the classic flip of the numbers at airports or train stations. Fun!

5. Stow-away Hairdryer Drawer


I’m in the market for one of these… the perfect place to store your hair dryer, while keeping it plugged in, and yet out of the way.

6. Laser Scissors


These are great for people who can’t cut straight. Just follow the line…

7. Colored, Scented Toilet Paper


I’m not sure I care for the “scented” part… but I like the colors!

8. Chopsticks For Kids


If it weren’t for the little-girl “pink” and little boy “blue” doll shapes on the ends, I think these chopsticks would be great for adults, too! I’ve seen them used before, and they make it impossible for the chopsticks to slip between your fingers when you’re eating with them.

9. Clever Cutter/Slicer


I have this… got it as a Christmas gift last year. It’s great because it’s like using scissors and a knife at the same time. I use it mostly for chopping onions and slicing cheese.

10. Shower Dispenser


I’ve always thought these were cool. Organize your shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap in the shower once and for all!

Find more fun stuff from HGTV here!

Am I the only one who appreciates gifts for the house, in lieu of personal gifts? Just checking…

Lynnette Walczak

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