Whole House Surge Protectors vs Power Strip Surge Protectors

Most power strip surge protectors provide the minimum level of protection for everyday household items. But is that really enough protection for your home electronics and appliances? Are power strips the best way to protect your things from lightning strikes and sudden jolts of electricity? The fact is, you might want to consider a whole house surge protector. Here’s why.

All About Portable Space Heaters – Which One Is Best?

Before you buy a portable space heater, there are some things that you should know about electric space heaters, radiant space heaters, convection space heaters, and the differences between vented and unvented space heaters.

Warning: Do This NOW To Prevent A Fire In Your Clothes Dryer!

Clothes taking a long time to dry in your clothes dryer? There may be a buildup of lint that you cannot reach. Here’s what you need to do today to make your clothes dryer run more efficiently AND prevent a fire in your clothes dryer at the same time!

How To Drain A Water Heater (…And Fill It Too)

You should drain your water heater once or twice a year, otherwise sediment will collect in your water heater — resulting in less hot water and a less efficient water heater. Here’s how to drain and fill your water heater.

How To Insulate Your Water Heater

There is one very simple thing you can do to help save on your energy bills each month: insulate your water heater! Here’s how to insulate your water heater, using step-by-step instructions.